Thursday, November 05, 2015

Week 9 Rankings, Start/Sit

There was a time in my life (and perhaps you're in that time of your life now), when I couldn't have cared less about playground mulch. Wouldn't have even known it was a thing. Put some dirt down below that playground and tell kids to watch out, I would have said. Bwaahahaha. Yes, "watch out" always seems to do the trick and keep em safe. Anyway, fast forward to now when we built an amazing play structure in our backyard replete with climbing wall and slide for our boys and we had to ask them to wait for weeks before using it since it lacked the requisite mulch to cushion their falls. (Note: asking a 5- and 2-year-old to not go down a tube slide day after day is asking them to do things of epic proportions. Many stuffed animals were thrown down the slide in their stead.) Of course the mulch turned out to require a retaining wall and this backyard project evolved into the most epic, bank account-crushing gift to our boys ever thus far, but I've spent a lot of time this week contemplating types and colors and quantity of playground mulch. I mean, it's a whole industry, my football friends. Amazing. But once it was all in place and my boys were wildly throwing themselves all over the play structure (and yes, we've already had one fall), I lay down on top of my beautiful new mulch and looked up at the most gorgeous red-leafed autumnal scene. And gave thanks for the pain the ass that this whole backyard project has been. Since here I am in good health with happy boys and time to mull over mulch and blog about football. And you, whatever else you have going on in your life, you are free to sit here and read this. So let's all get Thanksgiving-y and give thanks to whatever/whomever you want for that luxury.

But really, now I'm off my thankfulness reminder mode - you're here for the start/sits aren't you? Or maybe the rankings or IDP info? So here you go: