Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday musings on fantasy sports

Well I'm back from a fantastic weekend visiting friends in Colorado and have a few different things going on that I wanted to let you all know about. In a few weeks I'll be attending the Fantasy Sports Trade Association's spring conference in Chicago and I'm going to be a tweeter and blogger for the event. I'm in the process of setting up the blog now and will link to it from here, so if you can't make it but you're wondering what happens during the various sessions and such, well then tune in to the conference blog. I've also already started tweeting from the official FSTA twitter account and plan to tweet throughout the conference with the relevant and interesting things that happen there. If you're in the biz and planning to attend the FSTA meeting, keep your eyes out for me (likely the only pregnant lady there) as I'd love to meet or catch up with you.

The other thing I've been doing these days is taking a stab at fantasy baseball. Many of you know that I've always said that football is really the only fantasy sport for me but since I branched out to basketball this winter, I thought I'd take a tiny step further into fantasy insanity. A friend of mine (that I met at one of the FSTA meetings) started a site called RosterSlots, which some of you might remember from February when RosterSlots ran a fantasy Olympics game that I adored. The main focus for RosterSlots is fantasy baseball though and since it runs daily fantasy games where I can jump in and out at my leisure, I've been trying it out (to read up on how to play, click here). I must warn you, I'm not sure I'm all that good but this Who to Keep feature has been somewhat clutch for my baseball cluelessness. So if you're looking for a little fantasy baseball fun while things are mostly quiet on the football front, I say check it out and see what you think.

But getting back to football, there are a few newsy items of note and of course some fantasy analysis to keep you entertained:

  • Romo rumors can quiet down for the meantime; he skipped his qualifying tee time for the HP Byron Nelson Championship to attend OTAs instead. I love a well-rounded athlete but well played, Romo, well played.
  • Hopefully much to reader Potlicker's delight, we have even more analysis on 3rd year breakout receivers (ask and you shall receive, my FF friends!) - this time it comes from Their 3rd Year Receivers article looks at 9 guys who might be on your radar.
  • This week's MMQB looks at how each of the 32 teams stack up now - interesting stuff; always feel like I walk away from this one having learned something new, even if just a random bit of knowledge.
  • Now this next item made me very happy - in fact I got excited just looking at the article title, which is always a good sign that a site has hit on something helpful for FFers. Scope out Rotoworld's Top 3 Fantasy Wideouts by Team. This is solely WRs so no TEs listed here and is based on Rotoworld writers' rankings.
  • And speaking of rankings, if that's perhaps what your heart desires then take a look at what the Fantasy Football Nerd has pulled together - either overall or positional rankings for 2010 are available. For those that are new to the Nerd's site, I suggest poking around a bit and seeing how he pulls together his aggregate rankings and such. Awesome site.
  • Meanwhile, more rankings for you from Fantasy Fortunes - they've got a Top 50 rankings with auction values plus positional rankings, also with auction values. Note the scoring system is spelled out a bit so you can adjust the auction values accordingly if you have a bigger league, etc.
  •'s My Conversation with Ryan Mathews' Former Coach gives plenty of reasons to be psyched about the new RB in town. As a Broncos fan I must say this gives me some displeasure to see such talent in the AFC West, but hey, it's good for fantasy.
  • Finally, as if you needed reason to avoid Matt Forte. And yes, I'm fully aware I was singing his praises a year ago...oh, to be a burned FF owner...


Unknown said...

Thank you for the feature FF Librarian. We really enjoy your blog and feel honored by the mention. We will work extra hard to polish our jokes and rankings knowing your audience is watching:)

Fantasy Fortunes

jnb said...

You never cease to amaze me FFL! Hope the boy isn't practicing his field goal kicks too much...yet.