Monday, May 31, 2010

Wrapping up the weekend with FF

The world is a better place with air conditioning. And long weekends. I was at an outdoor concert today at a Brooklyn cemetery with a few friends (yes, completely weird in a lot of ways; oh and average age of other concert goers? 70) and felt like in some small way I was doing my part to honor those who gave their lives serving the country. I also continue to be impressed with just how quickly time is flying by: June is nearly upon us. In a few days I'll turn another year older, and a few days after that I head to the FSTA Summer Conference in Chicago. Good times. Lots to squeeze in before the World Cup starts!

To tonight's short list of links:

  • Starting off the week with a weekly shot of MMQB is usually a good call - scope out King's latest: Goodell's leadership could be main key in avoiding job action in 2011.
  • I dig the in-depth look that RapidDraft gives the Rams in their Team Breakdown: St. Louis Rams article. See what has changed over the offseason and who you'll want to focus on fantasy-wise (including IDPs). They'll be continuing this series throughout the upcoming weeks. 
  • You probably heard that LenDale White wasn't ready to be a Seahawk - so what does that mean for my fantasy crush Forsett? See what Razzball projects for Forsett this season in This Just In, Forsett's Fantasy Forecast.
  • lists a bunch of players that could come Back From the Dead this year and prove to be a value grab - not sure I'm buying that some of these guys could really be all that promising this year, but hey, that's why they'll come at you pretty cheap.

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Peter said...

I'm very excited for footballguys' free 250 page fantasy magazine - does anyone know if that's coming soon? I forgot what day it was released last year, but I was hoping for late May this year.