Friday, July 08, 2011

Get your submissions in!

So I'm guessing there's a burgeoning fantasy football writer or two somewhere out there reading this post...if so, pay attention to what comes next, my friends: here's your shot at being a season-long columnist on and FanDuel Insider, plus a little $300 in your pocket.


Enter The Next Great Fantasy Football Writer contest hosted by Chet Gresham from fame and Mark St. Amant, author the top-selling fantasy football book of all time (among other accolades). I'm honored to be a judge with a handful of other top-notch fantasy football gurus/writers. So jump on in and submit your first article for this week's topic: Five Locks and Five Crocks by July 22.


Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets said...

It was great to know about it.And the event seems to be cool and happening too.

Anonymous said...

This is a thinly disguised "Tom Sawyer" scam. Those two sites want the best writer they can find to write for them practically free all season. Along the way the other contestants will supply them with free writing ideas. For those of you who have talent, start your blog, don't be a sucker for these guys.

Duh said...

Kinda was thinking the same thing... A $300 "advance" for an entire fantasy season of writing seems a little meager.

They get an entire season of good writing for essentially nothing. It seems more like a scam.

Anonymous said...

They want FIVE 1500 word articles just to pick a winner??? That's absurd. Totally agree on the scam theory. I wouldn't waste my time with it.

Ivar Anderson said...

How much exactly do you think you'll make starting your own blog? Most of us write because we like to do so, not to establish a new career as a fantasy writer. I gotta stand up for Chet, since I've found him to be a standup guy in my dealings with him.
If you don't want to compete, so be it.

Ivar Anderson said...

Plus, Sara's involved. That's got to give the contest some credibility. I know I would enter if I wasn't excluded.