Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Win a draft kit!

Victory feels so close, my friends. Let's keep our fingers crossed that all these positive 2011 season rumors aren't all for naught. And as a side note, as soon as the lockout is lifted, my goal is to get back to my normal in-season posting every weekday - as always, if there's a topic you're particularly interested in, shoot me an e-mail and I'll do what I can to include it in these links.

Speaking of e-mailing me, the first person to e-mail me wins access to FantasyFootballXtreme.com's 2011 Fantasy Draft Kit (I'll post an update here when the kit is spoken for, which based on last year's enthusiasm for FFX's draft kit will be in about 2.2 seconds Draft kit is spoken for, thanks for all the interest!). I'll be giving away another kit next week and then 2/week when August rolls around. West coasters, I promise to post this offer at a later time next week to make sure you get in on the action.

  • Those of you in the market for a little draft day strategy advice should turn to FantasySharks.com's The WR-WR Approach.
  • Offensive line rankings, you're the best. So hats off to Fantasy Alarm for getting their o-line breakdowns up and rolling, starting with the Bills who earn a solid D+. 
  • Take a look at Fantasy Douche's A Framework for Flagging Potential WR Busts - a large part of the reason I'm linking to this one is that I enjoy the sparring in the comments section with some other various FF experts. 
  • As a Broncos fan, I can't help but drink up all the Tim Tebow stats I'm given so that I can figure out what exactly to make of this guy. ProFootballFocus.com is trying to help us do just that in their Dynasty Slants - Can Tim Tebow Be a Top-10 Fantasy QB?
  • The word sleeper isn't really thrown around in this article from FFToolbox.com, but that's basically what you can find here in Heirs Apparent - dudes who have potential not seen by the masses. Yet.
  • My husband and I walked past a Blimpie over the weekend and were greeted with a substantial number of Beanie Wells endorsements, which led to a larger discussion of Jared from Subway watching Arian Foster's mechanical bull escapades (Blimpie and Subway occupy the same space in my brain). And while it's entertaining that Foster is bull riding much like my sister on her bachelorette weekend extravaganza, that's neither here nor there. Back to Beanie Wells. KFFL.com's Making the most out of a crowded backfield is really where I'd like to focus your attention since it includes a nice synopsis of how things look in Arizona and how Wells, Hightower, and Williams could be most effective.
  • Finally, FantasyOmatic.com spins a little number magic and looks at 2010 data to see all the red zone scoring that was done last year - and how that might apply to 2011. As FantasyOmatic puts it in Red Zone Scoring SOS, it's basically a look at how easily a team offense will score in the red zone against their 2011 opponents...acknowledging that strength of schedule does take time to develop, this is a nice overview to add to your draft prep arsenal.


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