Friday, July 29, 2011

Links to carry you through the weekend

I'm squeezing in a little blog time here while our little dude is taking a nap (not gonna lie, taking my own smidge of a nap was a serious contender for my time right now...), so it's going to be a quick post here. I've mostly got free agency news bits for you today:

We're off to splash around in a baby pool once nap time is over...always with one eye on the NFL news of course. Oh yeah, that's a highly regarded parenting tip I just gave you. Enjoy.


Alex said...

Thanks for the tips. :)

- Football

Plastic Bins Guy said...

this site is really a one stop shop for all fantasy football info.

i have told many friends about this site and they all can't stop thanking me (as if i am writing the info)....thanks for all of the updates, and please keep them coming!!!