Thursday, July 21, 2011


I absolutely love it when I have a full slate of articles to share with you guys - seriously, my browser is chock full of excellent analyses and pretty much everything you need to get psyched about the 2011 season (for those interested, at the time this post is published, there still isn't a deal yet...). Let's dive right in to today's links without further ado:

  • Rankings, oh rankings - love 'em:
  • You all know I love stats, probably more than your average fantasy footballer and I'm sure I sometimes get carried away with stories that the stats tell. Rotoworld's When the stats deceive is a nice reality check - take a look for fluky stats/trends that might cause you to overdraft or underdraft a player.
  • Jay Clemons has taken his fantasy talents to the National Football Post - check out his classic smorgasbord style of fantasy info in These Ten Commandments. Speaking of smorgasbord (and this is a complete aside from fantasy sports), those of you who happen to live in NYC ought to make a point of cruising by Smorgasburg, which we hit up in Williamsburg last weekend for some tastiness from local food vendors. I wasn't sure I was painfully cool enough to hang with the Williamsburg hipsters (cruising around with a baby is an automatic knock on that front), but the food offerings were great and the crowd was entertaining.
  • A couple of free agent reads for you:
  •'s Matt Waldman never disappoints with his weekly Gut Check article - read up on this week's Dangerous Plays - Running Backs for a look at 5 guys whose risk outweighs the reward at their current ADP. 
  • We'll wrap things up with a draft strategy piece from - Assessing early round risk - which analyzes the strategy behind drafting a QB early.


Kyle said...

Did you receive my email from a few days ago requesting your analysis (ranking) of fantasy football pre-draft rankings from 2010?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

I can't speak for the Librarian, but this site is good to see who has the most accurate rankings, both pre-draft and week-to-week:

Anonymous said...

Your link is pointing to the wrong link. It goes to the Matt Waldman, Dangerous Plays link.

winn jones said...

Hey! Checkout the new quiz at