Friday, October 07, 2011

Building a fantasy fortress

This is Day #2 of having a team of dudes in our backyard jungle, clearing out about half the yard from years of overgrowth, zero care, and massive kudzu. I wish I could fully describe how junglerific it is back there - might need to get my hands on photo. We've unearthed all sorts of random junk - such as an old dog carrier, basketball, and an untold number of beer cans - that were eaten and totally hidden by the kudzu. Now the kudzu is being piled up at the curb creating quite a nice fortress effect.

It's Friday and you guys know what that means - lots more start/sit links and a bevy of rankings and projections.


Anonymous said...

As the linkage! Trade value site is awesome!! TY!!

Anonymous said...

Can you find TD ONLY weekly rankings? Thanks