Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 8 consensus start/sit

Well I'm on the road from Knoxville to Atlana and while our son is napping and my husband is chauffeuring, I thought I'd crank out this week's consensus start/sit list. Gotta love smart phones! So here's the consensus list for Week 8 - remember this is based on a tally of players that got the most start/sit votes from all the links I put up this week. As always, good luck!

Start: Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning
Sit: Tim Tebow, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel, Alex Smith

Start: DeMarco Murray, Darren Sproles, Chris Johnson, Pierre Thomas, Ryan Torain
Sit: Maurice Morris, Peyton Hillis, Montario Hardesty, DeAngelo Williams

Start: Anquan Boldin, Antonio Brown, Marques Colston
Sit: Michael Crabtree, Sydney Rice, Reggie Wayne

Start: Fred Davis
Sit: Heath Miller, Greg Olsen, Jermaine Gresham

Start: Bengals, Giants
Sit: Steelers, Vikings, Redskins

Start: Jason Hanson
Sit: Adam Vinatieri


Anonymous said...

They are saying that Emmanuel Sanders will start instead of Antonio Brown...although both will play it's worth watching...

Unknown said...

Hey FFLibrarian once again we have similar starts and sits, but what would you advice be for Chris Johnson owners if he doesn't perform this weekend?

David - Feedback and the Distortions said...

How bout' them Lions?