Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creating an unstoppable team

This morning was costume day at our son's music class. He rocked his hamburger costume, one of the few pre-made costumes I could find that doesn't require any head wear as part of the costume (that would be removed by our son in about 2.2 seconds; I stared in awe at the other kids who put up with hats, manes, ears, etc). Plus who wouldn't want to be a burger? Maybe I can find my a french fry costume for my niece...now that would be an unstoppable duo.

Speaking of unstoppable, let's hone your FF squad with these links:


non omni impaired duderheffa said...

Music class for him at his age? Can you elabotate?

Ray Guilfoyle said...

thanks for the link, Sara. I really appreciate it.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Sure, he's already composing his first symphony at 13 months of age of course! Kidding. It's really just an introduction to rhymes, rhythmic actions and repetition, clapping, hearing different types of music, etc. There's even dancing. Yup, a bunch of moms and toddlers twirling around a room. There's lots of time for him to shake music makers, bells, bang on drums, etc and you'd be surprised how totally engaged and happy a bunch of these babies seem.