Thursday, August 23, 2007

Auction Values and Then Some

There's lots of fantasy news and info to catch up let's just have at it:

1. Chris requested some info on auction drafts; I have not participated in an auction draft/league before so I have yet to dig up any research. So here's my first stab. Hope this helps:

I feel so old school going serpentine with my drafts. Perhaps 2008 will provide me with an auction draft opportunity to whet my new auction appetite.

2. Check out's write-up on 5 QBs Who Will Surprise. Perhaps I particularly like this top 5 since I am a Cutler fan and now have Big Ben in one of my leagues...but check who else they list in the top 5 (Joey Harrington?!) and why.

3. In my first draft last weekend, I took a chance on drafting the Ravens in the 5th round. If you don't roll that way, take a look at this article from FFToday called Digging for Defenses. Or on the other side of the ball, try FFToday's Drafting Backup Wide Receivers for some late-round WR drafting insight.

I have my most novice draft this coming Sunday - no offense guys if you're reading this, but this crew I'm drafting with is the least into fantasy football of all my leagues. Their lineups aren't always changed for bye weeks, waivers aren't really watched with the hawk-like intensity of my other I have my hopes up pretty high that I'll dominate the draft. We'll see what happens.

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Paul said...

thanks for the resources.

I'm sending them out to my league today... we have our auction tomorrow so this will be a great help.

I've already provided some resources for them (the librarian in me couldn't resist). But I'm thankful to be able to plug your work for my league.