Thursday, February 25, 2010

Under my umbrella

I hate to talk about the weather again but I can't help it! Never in my life have I seen such a city dedicated to using umbrellas in the snow. In fact, I swear that prior to moving to New York City it was something I'd only seen little old ladies do...but here it's an epidemic. So on today's wet, slushy walk from the subway to work, I busted out my umbrella. Gotta be honest, got to work a little bit drier and warmer. I might be a slight convert.

But have no fear, I won't drone on about the rest of my weather experiences and all of the accoutrements I'm finding helpful here. We'll hop on over to today's links:

  • Combine talk is really heating up - Football Outsiders/Washington Post football guru Doug Farrar will be posting his thoughts from the weekend on twitter so if you're in for some combine twitter action, give him a follow.
  • Meanwhile don't forget that free agency is just around the corner. Swing by's 2010 Free Agent Watch - QBs for some names you'll want to keep an eye on over the next few weeks.
  • If you're in a deep league or if you're just really jonesing for a deep sleeper, I highly recommend you read this forum on the DynastyGuys: Guys currently flying under the radar for 2010. Spent some good time on there thinking about those lesser-known dudes.
  • If you're a Pats fan like my sister - or just a Welker admirer like I am - you'll be pleased to hear Welker is "doing very well" after his knee surgery.
  • Finally, I've been missing my football content from Lester's Legends, a site I can always count on for quality content. So I'm glad to see some football being peppered in among the baseball content, particularly this article on Felix Jones vs. LeSean McCoy.

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LestersLegends said...

Have to say, I've never saw umbrellas for snow either. Not at Syracuse and certainly not in Minnesota.