Friday, March 26, 2010

Basketball steps in for Friday fun

There are few things that put a smile on my face like an overburdened dogwalker in NYC - well okay, any dog is likely to make me happy, so put a whole bunch on a leash and I'm highly entertained. On my walk to work each morning I routinely see the same woman with roughly 5-9 dogs cruising up 5th Avenue with surprising ease and dexterity. Since I don't work on Fridays, gotta say I'm kind of missing my daily dose of dog entertainment. Fortunately there's basketball on tonight (big one for this Vols-loving family) that might just even out my dogwalker loss...and of course, some great fantasy links to get the weekend started right.

Speaking of the weekend, I'm heading to a screening of a fantasy sports movie, Fantasyland on Saturday night. It primarily focuses on fantasy baseball from what I've heard but I'm pretty sure any fantasy sports fan will get a kick out of it - I've seen lots of publicity for the film in fantasy circles, and have heard good things so far, so I'm intrigued and looking forward to the screening. Will let you know how it is...

So let's get to today's links:

  • First up, a few injury updates. I heart Owen Daniels and it sounds like he's recovering well from his knee injury. I guarantee I'll be that owner taking a gamble on Daniels this year. Another player to keep up with: Kevin Smith. PFT reports that he's also on schedule post-ACL tear...though gotta wonder what exactly will evolve in the Detroit backfield in 2010.
  • Lots of McNabbiness going on - since there's so much evolving I'll just send you to a few different folks, some more recent than others:
  • FFXtreme is on the projection train already my friends...yup, you know the season is getting closer when projections are being cranked out. See their 2010 RB Full Season Projections - both PPR and non-PPR are offered.
  • As you might remember I went to the MIT Sloan Sports Conference earlier this month and Football Outsiders has posted a link to a video of the keynote panel from the conference, which featured Bill Polian, Bill Simmons, Mark Cuban, Daryl Morey, and Jonathan Kraft - and moderated by Michael Lewis. Scope it out, good stuff.

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