Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here's to the underdog

It's almost a shame that this beautiful spring weather had to come to NYC right at tourney time - but then I just think of my buds in Boulder, Colorado, who were socked with a big snowstorm this weekend and I feel supremely grateful that I was able to spend plenty of time outside this weekend in between big games.

So yeah, plenty of basketball watching here this weekend - a few things I've learned: I'm on the Cornell bandwagon (gotta love smarties doing so well), I'm amazed at how gigantic the Purdue shorts seem to be, the final shot in the Michigan State win over Maryland was money, and years of being a Northwestern fan have turned me into a big fan of the underdog (though it helps that much of my bracket is decimated...thanks, Kansas).

But I'll move on from basketball now - I know you're all really here for the football talk:

  • I know I've waxed on in the past about how much I enjoy local beat reporters as a source for team info to help inform your draft and/or waiver wire picks, and I think it's time that I expand that to reach to great local bloggers as well. The Fanball Sports Network has done a lot of the dirty work for us and found some of the best sports blogs out there - Bryan Douglass takes it a step further in NFL Blog Breakdown and highlights some top NFL options. 
  • The FFManiaxs argue that there are enough issues in New England to warrant some question about 2010 production. Agree? Disagree? Either way, see what they're thinking in Tom Brady & Randy Moss' Fantasy Football Decline in 2010
  • According to my husband, 2010 rankings are useless until we're past the draft, but hey I say it's never too early to get the rankings wheels a turnin' let's head on over to the player rankings, which are doubly good this year with analysis from both Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg.
  • So if the draft is the turning point for the land of rankings relevancy, then let's get to the draft talk:

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