Monday, March 08, 2010

From old friends to free agents

For a few years after college I lived in DC, which is when I met my husband and also made a bunch of awesome friends. One of those friends is here visiting us for a few days and it's funny how hanging out with him takes me back immediately to the good times of the early 2000s. We've talked football, I've scoped out photos of the Steelers kegerator he built, and we've all stuffed ourselves full of food from his favorite restaurant in Brooklyn. Love having him here and since he's a big FFLibrarian reader he's of course supportive of me taking some blog time let's get to the linkage:

  • Free agency rolls on so we'll start things off with some info from that frontier:
  • Rotoworld's Evan Silva takes a stab at his second mock NFL draft of the season now that the combine has passed in Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft.
  • The Lead Pipe Lock is full of interesting stuff - poke around a bit, definitely a site that looks at stats and figures out how to make it relevant to fantasy players. One link to scope out - 2010 Early Fantasy Points Against Ranks - looks at how each of the 32 teams fared against each skilled position in 2009 and uses that as a launching point for how they'll do in 2010, with recent roster changes taken into account.
  • Finally, a heads up for those of you who are Hatty Waiver Wire Guru fans, take a look at the site's redesign that just went up in the past few days - definitely a new look for a new season.


Fantasy Dr X said...

Heads up:
the link for the early 2010 fantasy points against is also redirecting to Rotoworld's post-combine mock.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks Fantasy Dr X - I'm always doing that! Link now fixed.

Football Jabber said...

Thanks for the linkage nice lady. Will be doing some Draft/Dynasty stuff soon.

Unknown said...

Was thinking no matter where I draft in the 1st round, Jamaal Charles likely will be there and I'll be thrilled.

But the Chiefs had to go out and get Thomas Jones to nick Charles' short-yardage TDs.

Oh well, nothing's ever that easy in FF, is it?