Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's an offseason stat-fest

I'm officially in transition time between the Olympics and March Madness - fortunately I have the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference up in Boston this weekend to keep me entertained. I'm heading up on Friday and will stay with an old college roommate, which should be great. A weekend of sports analytics talk from some big names plus time with old friends? Doesn't get much better.

Today's links are of course full of looking ahead to the 2010 season...only 5 more months until preseason games start!

  • First off, let's conclude the combine talk with's Combine wrap-up: Value runners, DT conundrum, diva QBs and The Hazean's Reactions from the NFL Combine.
  • Sports Buff always provides solid IDP advice so I was pleased to see the IDP Sleepers: NFC North article - lots of details in terms of past and future for these value picks.
  • Meanwhile if you want even more IDP suggestions, try Kilryoz Krystal Ball's 2010 Dynasty IDP Rankings: Defensive Backs.
  • A little something for those of you into Dancing with the Stars...okay, so none of us watch it, but you might be intrigued anyway that Ochocinco will be a contestant this season as well as Erin Andrews and Olympics star Even Lysacek among others. 
  • Time for a little Jets love (hey, I'm in NYC now...) - with Thomas Jones likely being released this week there are all sorts of discussions swirling around in fantasyland. Start with Lester's Legends' Thomas Jones' Possible Destinations and then chase it with Razzball's Shonn "Gang" Greene for a lovefest on one of last year's hottest rookies going into the season.
  • Now I'm sure you're all wondering who might be the hottest rooks for 2010, right? Well we'll hash that one out for the next 6 months but Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's 5 Rookies to Watch gets us off on the right foot.
  • I'm saving my favorite link for last - you guys all know how I love my stats...therefore you can imagine my delight at seeing Advanced NFL Stats' Individual Player Stats by Team post (though the stats are also up by player position as well) - it's a thing of beauty. So many numbers, so little time my friends.  
P.S. I caved and bought rain boots. Looks like my feet will be toasty and dry today!


Anonymous said...

I spent some time at the Advanced NFL Stats website and it's great to have all that data, but how do you use that in relation to fantasy football. I'm also a stat geek, but right now I'm having a hard time seeing why fantasy footballers should/how to use the site.

Chet said...

Much depends on the article. Not all of Advanced NFL Stats transfers to fantasy football.