Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Overtime = health care?

Not to get all political on you guys but I was watching Sports Center tonight with coverage on the changes to overtime in the NFL and I was struck by some serious similarities to the health care legislation coverage. There was Mort, reporting from the NFL owners meeting, talking about how many folks weren't 100% sure that the OT rule changes were exactly the right ones to make, but that everyone agreed changes needed to be made, and this was a move in the right direction. Now substitute "OT rule changes" for "health care reform" and basically you have the same commentary that I swear I read from politicos yesterday morning. Just another example that basically all of life is mimicking football in one way or another...heh.

But if you want the details on the OT rule changes, head on over to the Fifth Down's coverage, New Rule for Settling Overtime, or see what Peter King has to say in this week's MMQB, Modifying OT seems like longshot.

If you're up to your ears in OT news though, let's head on over to a few other links for the day:

  • A bit of QB news - my beloved Broncos have gone ahead and named Orton their starter. Interesting approach. But hey, why not?
  • Meanwhile back in NE, all you Tom Brady lovers (yes, I'm talking mostly to my sister), can breathe a sigh of relief now that TB has appeared in Foxborough for preseason workouts.
  • Meanwhile Fighting Chance Fantasy's Quarterback Breakdown looks at circumstances that might make some incoming rookie quarterbacks a great addition come late April.
  • If the NFL Draft is all you want to think about these days, well then I'm so happy to have you here! You're a little bit crazy...but just my type. And have I ever got a nice link for you - head on over to The Hazean who has put together a few NFL Mock Draft links to help the obsessed get a little more nutty.
  • Finally my favorite IDP writer, Matt Schauf, turned 30 today. To help the youngster celebrate, thought I'd send a little link love over to his article that compares his accomplishments to some of our favorite 30 year olds in How Does My 30 Compare?

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