Friday, March 05, 2010

Free Agency Unfolds

The free agency fun begins, my fantasy football friends. While I was peacefully sleeping in the wee hours of the morning, Adam Caplan was tweeting about Nate Burleson's move to Detroit...this goes to show how valuable twitter will be in sharing free agency news, so stay hip by checking out the latest from folks like AdamSchefter, greggrosenthal, ProFootballTalk, and daverichard. Lots of other great news tweeters out there - feel free to leave any in the comments if you've got some other favorites to share.

Plenty of football news out there and of course some nice fantasy analysis pieces, so let's get right to it:

Finally, if you're new to the site and wondering who on earth I am or just want some more background scope on how I became the FFLibrarian, take a look at's recent interview with me.

I'm heading to Boston today for the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference tomorrow - if any of you will be there, let me know!

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Unknown said...

The BEARS go nuts!
I love it!