Monday, March 29, 2010

Fantasy insanity a good time

Well the weekend was full of March Madness as I'm sure most of yours were, too, but also a little dose of fantasy baseball. Oh that's right, fantasy baseball...the elusive fantasy sport that I will probably never learn to embrace. But on Saturday night my husband and I joined some great fantasy sports writers (yup, I'm talking about you, Scott Engel, Andy Behrens and Nick Minnix) at the screening of Fantasyland, a movie that's spun off of the premise of the book by the same name, Fantasyland, by Wall Street Journal writer Sam Walker. The movie follows a regular dude, Jed, as he joins the illustrious Tout Wars fantasy baseball league - though to call this guy regular would be an understatement. Jed truly might be insane - he literally is making trade deals from the hospital as his wife is gearing up to delivery twins; he travels to meet Tigers and Royals players in person and let them know he's counting on them for the good of his fantasy team; he drives nearly 8 hours to peer pressure a leaguemate into a trade...he basically is the kind of guy that would be incredibly entertaining as a friend, but you thank God is not related to you. All in all, the entertainment of Jed combined with a smattering of interviews and vignettes about fantasy sports enthusiasts make for a far more entertaining 90 minutes than I was expecting. I laughed out loud, I learned something new (Meat Loaf was in 60 fantasy baseball leagues one year!), and generally enjoyed myself. If you want to watch it, never fear, you can do so right now.

Movie review over - let's move on to today's links...

  • So lots of draft action out there. We've got mock drafts starting to come out of the woodwork, and some of my favorite sites are getting in on the draft analysis, too, so let's take a look:
  • Fantasy Knuckleheads take a look at some of this year's RBBC (running back by committee) messes that all owners will want to beware of come draft day in A Short Look at the Not So Elite 8. Good read but gotta say I think these guys might be a bit more pessimistic than I am; or play in shallower leagues than I do since it's unlikely really any of these guys would come anywhere near riding my bench in most leagues I play in. A flex spot or RB2, sure, but "worthy of a bench spot no doubt" for the Charles/Jones tandem in KC seems harsh, no?
  • So I think you'd all agree with me that there's been plenty of discussion about LT going to the Jets and what that means for Greene. But there's been surprisingly little discussion about how San Diego might adjust, or what their plans might be - so for some quality thoughts about what's next for the Chargers, read's Chargers returning to aerial ways?
  • As a nice counterbalance to the earlier link to the rookie wide receivers, let's take it in a slightly different direction here and scope out Razzball's 2010 Dynasty Rankings: Wide Receivers, Vol. 2. If you missed it, here are the first 45 receivers in Vol. 1.

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Fantasy Knuckleheads said...

In regards to the Fantasy Knuckleheads piece and the Jones / Charles bench spots.... (I got your back Ray Ray)

I'm drafting Jones or Charles (Charles before Jones) once I've got everything else locked up in my deep leagues. I think the KC RBBC will produce RB2 #s on any given Sunday. BUT WHAT KURT are you saying? Charles was a stud closing out the last 6 games with 1 TD per game average and he also averaged over 100 yards per game. Listen last year was last year and in steps Thomas Jones.. General manager Scott Pioli said Tuesday that the workload distribution between Charles and Thomas Jones is still up in the air, the Kansas City Star reports. "I can't tell you whether Jamaal will play more or Thomas Jones will play more," Pioli said. "The roles will figure themselves out. The best players will play."

Do you want to deal with this? Who knows what will happen.. Jones figures to get goal line (boo hiss hiss) while Charles will need to find room to get his. Unfortunately defenses have tape from last year too... but garbage time might save you no matter who starts..

But in a shallow 12 team league I doubt these guys start week 1 on my fantasy roster. Maybe after I see how things pan out but seriously I'm not counting much on KC this year. If you want a RBBC on your roster I'm looking to a stronger team before I pick up the KC guys, especially in shallow leagues.