Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Touring the post-draft NFL scene

My in-laws are coming to visit tomorrow for a few days so I might be a bit quiet as the week wraps up: I'll be busy being a tourist with them. Having family visit is always a great excuse to jump on an uber-touristy bus, boat, or Empire State Building queue for the sake of showing your fam a good reality though, who doesn't love a boat ride around Manhattan on a beautiful day? Plus I have an odd desire to ride one of those double-decker tourist buses. I'm convinced it's going to be really fun...don't tell me if it's not!

  • Ugh...the Broncos need everything to go just right what with the pressure of the Tebow draft pick and the loss of all our major offensive playmakers...and Ryan Clady's knee surgery (courtesy of a basketball game injury) isn't what we need.
  • FFToolbox has adjusted their 2010 Strength of Schedule - love tools like this. While not the final word on any draft choices of course, it's a nice addition to all that other player research you're bound to be doing.
  • Gotta love that's Michael Fabiano is already busting out an article with an assessment of players with great potential during the fantasy playoffs in 2010 (weeks 14-16) - Schedules make Manning, Charles more valuable in fantasy playoffs. As a nice touch not only does he go into detail on the top 5 for the playoffs at each position, but he also offers up some thoughts on the bottom feeders. Keep in mind that some defenses can really do an about face during an offseason, but this is still an awesome starting point. 
  • Many recent articles focus on those rookies that you're really going to want to snag come fantasy draft day, what about the dudes that you'll want to avoid? Rotoworld has you covered in Draft Wrap: Rookie Losers. Note: I appreciate the open mind on Tebow. And I promise not to mention him in every single post from here on out...
  • Finally, wondering which undrafted free agents have signed with teams now that the draft has concluded?'s 2010 undrafted free agents has a listing of the players added to each team.

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Unknown said...

people already dogging on mccoy... give the kid a year, i think the QB destroyers are gone. lets see what holmegrem can do! if we can go 3-3 in our division, i will be VERY happy~