Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodbye 12, hello 13

So we returned home from our trip to northern Virginia for Thanksgiving with my family to a find a real treasure from our cat sitter: he had flushed non-flushable cat litter down the toilet for some unknown reason. This being our one and only toilet made the past day or two rather unpleasant but thanks to the wonder of a snake and our building maintenance dudes, we're back in business. The owner of the cat sitting company apologized profusely for the complete incompetence of this dude (I mean seriously, what was he thinking? Clay + water = cement) and now I'm a bit of an expert on home remedies for clearing no major complaints really.

Here's hoping your FF team isn't in the toilet, so to speak, and that today's waiver wire links will be of help to you:

Enjoy tonight's MNF matchup!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the cat sitter confused the litter withr the Titans' season.