Thursday, November 04, 2010

A visual approach to NFL stats

It's a nasty day here in NYC - cold and rainy. Perfect day to curl up at home, oh say, with a warm and cuddly baby? Lucky me.

Kudos to my boss for sending me a link to Juice Analytics' visual take on football stats - I love that this shows both offensive skill player stats as well as tackles (solo and assisted) for those in IDP leagues. I'm linking over to the Team Defense portion since I think this is a really quick and easy spot to assess how each defense stacks up in terms of pass and rush D.

Along the same lines, you can also check out Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy's Best and Worst Defenses to Face After Week 8. Note that this is all about fantasy points allowed versus the previous link which was straight up NFL stats.

Moving on to the rest of today's links:


Anonymous said...

Very cool presentation from Juice Analytics.

Hawgman said...

That Visual Stats thing is slicker that the stuff that comes out of the south end of a northbound owl! Very COOL!!

Anonymous said...

what was the link that you had earlier in the season when you compare two guys at the same position and it shows you who most experts say you should play? it was really clean and easy to use, and im wondering whether to pick up jordy nelson or james jones. jones is getting more love in start/sit and rankings, but nelson is the bigger target and has more receptions and yards

Hawgman said...

Yo "Anonymous"
The link you are looking for is I like it also. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

thanks hawgman! that was it... ive since bookmarked it. it brought me to fantasy victory this week (good thing i played jones)