Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week 11 rankings and start/sit linkage

One of the great things about our friends and family knowing we're such big football fans means we've got a wide array of NFL and college team gear for our son. And I mean wide. We can have him rocking Northwestern, University of Tennessee, University of Colorado, University of Michigan, Broncos, Patriots, Colts, and/or Titans gear. So many solid options, it's a good thing he's skilled at going through more than one outfit a day. College Gameday will be at the Northwestern vs Illinois matchup this week since it's taking place at Wrigley Field (first time Gameday has been at - and I use "at" quite loosely in this case - Northwestern since the mid-90s I believe) and the Broncos play on Monday night. Fun weekend of football for me.

Let's get straight to today's links:


David said...

The Grandpa he never got to meet would want him to be a Wolverine...I'm just saying ;-)

Go Blue. Enjoy the first Turkey Day with your new bundle of joy.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

David - so true and great memory. Though my grandpa was also a Northwestern alum so I think he would've been happy to see Nick in a NU/Mich combo outfit. I think we can make that happen! Happy Turkey Day to you, too.

LestersLegends said...

Thanks Sara.

My son rocked a Brady jersey and Vikes sweats when they squared off. He was wise to wear the Patriots on top.

Todd said...

Non-sequitor - I have an idea for you FFLB - What if, by invite-only, you hosted your own "start 'em or sit 'em" rankings. It's a true test of commentators and prognosticators and bloggerators to determine who is best, and a controlled way for us regular blokes to see who is best - The ranking guy is nice, but that's not a clean test by any means.

Here is the set up:
- You invite let's say 20 to 30 fantasy football writers to play (maybe you'll have 15-20 active participants in total). The idea is that they put their prognostication skills to the test in an even-steven game.
- Each week, you (FFLB) "put up" a number of tweener players (ie. ones that aren't obvious to start or sit), of your choosing. Let's say 15-20 in total each week, with a mix of QBs, RBs, WRs and TEs (not defenses or kickers or IDP).
- Each week, the contestants must assign each of FFLB's chosen player into one of 3 categories: Start, Sit, or "no call", where they have to assign 5 sits and 5 starts, and the rest they put into the "no call" bucket where they're predictions is not as strong.
- In addition, the contestants must each select one "super start" (and maybe a "super sit").
- Each week you evaluate their picks based on a standard scoring system, published for everyone to see, and at the end of the season the winner gets bragging rights.

Les Savy Ferd said...

Todd, I would read that every week. twice. What an awesome idea.