Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tough times in waiver land

I rode the subway today for the first time in nearly five weeks to get to and from an appointment. And I was all alone. Sans baby. It was like I forgot my wallet or only wore one shoe or something...a bizarro world for sure. I mean I even read a book. I know it sounds pretty minor but it was a flash back to my old life, friends. And in my old life I might have had more time to grab dudes off the waiver wire early enough to not get stuck with starting Kenneth Darby...which is how things went in Week 8 (and by a miracle I somehow still won in that league) so here's hoping you're not reaching super deep like I was last week. But if you are, well then you're in the right place since the following links basically mine the waiver options about as deep as one can go...it's nasty out there in waiver land this week. Best of luck to us all!

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Hermodorus said...

Thanks you help me go all B34ST-M0D3 every week!
-Hermodorus in Brooklyn