Monday, July 25, 2011

15 days

In a mere 15 days the first preseason game will be here - wahooooooo! I can only assume that you all are as excited as I am that a deal has been reached (as with every ESPN link, turn your volume down since a video starts ASAP). Hallelujah.

In other news, I just spent a glorious 2 days in Boston getting to know my 3-week-old niece - and now I'm back home and packing/cleaning like a hurricane since we're heading out of NYC for good on Wednesday. I'll be on the road a fair amount over the next week but since this is such a huge week with FA news and such, I'll do my best to keep the posts coming.

There's lots of news a.k.a. rumors about the NFL's timeline this week, but it's looking like full free agency begins at 6 PM on Friday, so gear up, readers. So much good stuff coming your way in a narrow time frame. It's like Christmas squared.

  • It's Draft Day Manifesto time - love him or hate him, head on over to Matthew Berry's early season thoughts, plus a bonus ESPN video.
  •'s Chet Gresham shares some of his draft strategies on Fan Duel in Fantasy Football 2011: Draft Strategy Tips to Live By. I'm sure you'll agree with some suggestions, disagree with others, but it's a good read to get your mind right for drafting season.
  • I had a request for more 2-QB league rankings - working on it but in the meantime, those of you in leagues with 2 QBs should check out this recent 2-QB Forum Mock from for some suggestions on where players will go. Note the mock comes with commentary, too, for each of the 16 rounds.
  • keeps the rankings rolling, this time with his top 25 QBs in 2011 Fantasy Football QB Rankings.
  • More rankings, this time a look at the top team DSTs from - There's no denying 3-4 powerhouses.
  • And if you're jonesing for as many rankings as your brain can possibly absorb (and then some), bookmark Fantasy Rundown. They do a great job of updating rankings from a variety of sources and noting the date of the update. Very helpful site.
  • I love Roto Arcade - one of my favorite fantasy sites out there. I've been anxiously awaiting the day that they start to shift their focus toward football and we're getting closer! Their Spin Doctors series where they pit two players against each for fantasy domination is up and running with a comparison of Jamaal Charles vs. Chris Johnson.

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clayton_1515 said...

Love the 2QB info, keep it coming! While my league uses an OP slot, most use a QB in that spot anyway. Once you play in that format, you never want to go back. Adds so much more strategy and possibilities for team-building.