Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exclusive links for FFLibrarian readers

Last week I mentioned that I was teaming up with for a few new features and one of them is an article that they're now writing exclusively for FFLibrarian readers - I'm pretty excited about this series called Awsonimity (Leo Hand's term for the period between the end of one play and the snap for the next; or as RotoExperts author Tim McCullough sees it, kind of the same realm that fantasy players are in during that lineup decision-making time of the week). Read up for a look at the crazy QB stat world we're in and why QBs will absolutely dominate the rankings next year. Time to trade, dynasty leaguers!

Here's another link just for FFLibrarian readers -'s weekly start/sit accuracy challenge. Here are last week's results and once again I urge you all to log your votes on these 10 questions and prove what a fantasy brainiac you are. 

Speaking of, they've got an awesome new feature that I know you rest-of-season (ROS) rankings aficionados will absolutely love. How about a consensus ranking from all of your favorite experts? As of right now there are 13 experts involved and this is the only consensus ROS rankings out there that I know of. Have at it, friends. 


Anonymous said...

About Awsonimity - It isn't about how a position outscores other positions that make you want to draft that position ealier, it is about how rare/common it is to have a high scoring individual inside that position.

If it gets harder to find RBs that put up big numbers - I'll want to go after one even more in the first round next year.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Agreed, drafting well will always be about position scarcity. And you're right, big number RBs will be the hot ticket. But to miss out on a top pass-friendly QB could be pretty damaging (as we might find out this year). It's interesting to look at how the passing yards are falling into place so far - see's 2011 stats ( if you're interested in how the passing yardage looks.

What I'm also curious about is if this keeps up over several years, will scoring systems stay the same and will we just adapt to the bigger QB numbers - or would leagues modify scoring to reflect the greater expected passing yardage? I've only been playing FF since 2004 so I don't really know what the precedent is for altering scoring beyond the evolution to PPR or 4 pt/TD instead of 6.

Anonymous said...

would you start:
Vjax, Jacoby Jones, or Greg Little??