Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And training camp rolls on...

As training camp continues across the NFL, I can't encourage you all enough to stay on top of training camp news. I'll probably beat this issue to a pulp over the next few weeks, but there's nothing more enlightening for a draft than news eking out from camp. So hey, feel free to check back here often or try some of the usual suspects like KFFL, Rotoworld, FF Xtreme, ESPN - they all will have the latest and greatest camp news up asap.

In other camp news, I'm on the hunt for a website that keeps a list of all the training camp blogs/sites out there. Anyone have suggestions? In the meantime, keep yourselves entertained with Rotoworld's Nine stories to know from camp. I'll be honest, I'm still not 100% sold on Marvin Harrison being back to his old self but I'm willing to be convinced. If someone wanted to oh I don't know, fly me out to the Colts' training camp to see for myself, I'd be okay with that.

But onto the links for the day:

  • Want free football stuff? Look no further than Football Jabber. Get your thoughts up on the Jabber forums and you will be entered to win a t-shirt from your favorite NFL team. This leads me to the subject of my 100,000th visitor prize - turns out that while a small number of you could have been that visitor, no one has verified the correct IP address so far...but I'm still mulling over this idea of FFL shwag. At the very least, I will be doing another FFLibrarian Challenge during the postseason this year and will happily reward the winner with a lovely FFL prize. But if you can't wait to win stuff until then, I suggest you check out Football Jabber stat.
  • The FootballDocs are making me triple guess my decision to draft Ronnie Brown in a mock league in The Running Back Two Year Major Injury Rule.
  • Does Ryan Grant's contract negotiations and holdout make him a little less valuable? I grabbed Brandon Jackson in the 14th round of a mock yesterday as a precautionary move; I don't think there will ultimately be any problems with Grant but having Jackson certainly doesn't hurt...unless it's Wynn that we should all be using as insurance...
  • Need some advice on drafting strategies? Look no further than Pro Football Weekly's Fantasy rankings are fine, but you must figure out where position drop-offs occur. And while we're talking about PFW, take a look at their article The Bush bounce. As a Reggie Bush believer, I enjoyed reading this article to confirm my suspicions that Bush will be just fine as an RB2 this year.
  • Looking for some breakout wide receivers? Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy (one of my new favorite sites this season so far) takes a look at 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year receivers in Breakout Wide Receivers who might just end up with big seasons in 2008. My above-stated hesitation over Marvin Harrison leads to a direct support of Anthony Gonzalez (yes, despite his OSU pedigree), so I'm pleased to see Gonzalez listed here.
Now unless something goes horribly awry, my column for Bruno Boys' A Librarian's Touch this week will be about IDPs, so stay tuned all you IDP fans - it should be up later today or tomorrow.

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