Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rare Peyton news

In my house, Peyton is a bit of a demi-god. My husband grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee and I quickly learned that that comes with an innate sense of Peyton Love (Peyton was a Vol). My husband has joked about one day naming our firstborn Peyton Manning. Yeah, not just Peyton, but Peyton Manning. And I'm not entirely sure how much he's really joking. So Peyton news is a big deal for us. However, I don't think that this bursa sac news of Peyton's is worth too much attention. Will it even drop Peyton in drafts (or mock drafts) at all? Perhaps a few spots but the guy is a machine - he produces season after season and I don't think I'll let routine surgery like this keep me from drafting a stellar QB like Peyton. And I mean that despite the Peyton Mania in my household...

So yesterday I mentioned the mock draft that I am slowly doing via e-mail - this morning we finally got around to my 1.12 and 2.01 picks...who did I take? Well here's who was drafted so far:

1. Curveballs 4 Jesus: L. Tomlinson
2. Football Outsiders: A. Peterson
3. Football Burrito: J. Addai
4. Pancake Blocks: S. Jackson
5. West Coast Nonsense: B. Westbrook
6. Bruno Boys: T. Brady
7. The Hazean: M. Barber
8. Football Jabber: F. Gore
9. Fantasy Football Fools: C. Portis
10. Fantasy Football Geek Blog: M. Lynch
11. Fantasy Football Goat: L. Johnson
12. Fantasy Football Librarian.....

Since I didn't like the value of really any of the RBs available at this point in the draft, with the 1.12 pick I selected Randy Moss and with the 2.01 pick I took Reggie Wayne. I have complete faith that both of these receivers will play at an elite level; I can't say the same for my running back options. Additionally, if you take a look at the RBs that are going around the 36th pick (when I'll be picking again) based on ADP, I think the quality of RB there isn't necessarily all that different than the quality of RB available now. I think this is a little bit of a gamble, but hey, that's what a mock is for, right? The Hazean is running the mock, so I expect he'll have some wrap-up on the draft posted once the 4-round mock is over, but I'd love to hear what you guys think - did I make the right draft picks? Love 'em, hate 'em? Let me know.

And in case you were actually looking for some links to quality fantasy info, I'll throw you one link for now - Rotoworld's Projected Pass Attempts. There are an ever-growing number of ways to look at which players will have the best fantasy seasons and Gregg Rosenthal ranks this season's QBs by yet another metric - projected pass attempts. Check it out - interesting stuff there.


Anonymous said...

I don't see Peyton's "sac" (yeah, I know that we have all been laughing at this ALL day) as being any kind of hindrance to either his real, on-field production or his fantasy production. Like you said, he is a machine, and he is going to be fine.

Your husband sounds awesome, and tell him GO VOLS!!! from Patrick @ Curveballs.

Unknown said...

so i'm a PPR guy, and i LOVE your picks! and i could still be in the lull of a lot a decent RB's out there last year but i agree that your choice of WR vrs RB in subsequent rounds gives you 2 elite WR's and 2 decent RB, instead of maybe better than avg RB's and 2 mediocre WR's. Also, i think you should pick Big Ben at some point, i graduated with him (HS, and no he has no clue who i am, but i have to say it!)... and i think this is his year, if sweed pans out!