Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wrapping up July with fantasy news

Greetings FFers! I hope the rest of you are in far more temperate weather than I am in right's supposed to be at the 100 degree mark for the next several days here in Colorado - and when you combine the hot temps and strong sun it's just brutal out here. I will be running in a race tonight, too (a short one though!), which definitely feels a bit crazy right now. The real question here will be: how red can my face get??

But back to football. Sad day in Broncos Country with John Lynch being granted his release today. For more football links, read on:

  • FF Geek Blog has a handful of guys you might want to think about grabbing in their 2008 Sleepers and undervalued players article. The news that Reggie Williams will undergo knee surgery makes me think a little bit harder about Garrard this season. Don't get me wrong, I think Garrard definitely has it in him but with both Williams and Jerry Porter recovering from surgery, I just have a few more question marks surrounding Garrard than before. I do like the mention of Zach Miller here in particular - I think he's going undrafted in a lot of leagues and may be a surprise top 10 TE.
  • There are a couple of nice nuggets in Rosenthal's Pancake Blocks blog - read up on Wes Welker's quiet injury status, and Logan Payne, a new WR in Seattle to take note of in dynasty leagues in particular.
  • Remember how I mentioned that I was looking for a comprehensive list of training camp blogs/articles? Well this comes close and I can't believe I forgot all about it - FF Mastermind's Eye in the Sky Reports give local flava to team updates. Granted, many of these haven't been updated in quite some time, but they're still fairly interesting. On a similar note, there's also an NFL Beat Writers Blog that I'm digging into. Good stuff.
  • In the 4-round draft I did earlier this month with The Hazean and friends, I debated grabbing Michael Turner at the start of the 4th round as my second RB. But after thinking a lot about Atlanta's o-line, I opted to go with someone else (Ronnie Brown - equally dicey but for different reasons in my mind). After reading this great analysis of Turner on Football Outsiders, Every Play Counts: Michael Turner, I'm more convinced than ever that Turner is a bigger gamble than most think.
  • The Sports Outlaw takes on an often overlooked topic in fantasy football: the tight end. No, this won't be another gushing post about Tony Scheffler (who is awesome, need more be said?) - there are plenty of other TEs to take a look at, particularly during the later rounds of your draft. So read up on Western Perspective: Tight Ends for some thoughts on TEs that might post solid numbers this season.

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