Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What's the circumference of your thigh, please?

Earlier this week I was chatting with a friend who is going to represent the FF Librarian in an "experts" league this fall (yes, I'm eating up the fact that the FFL is part of not just one but two expert leagues this fall...even if they are self-defined as expert leagues...), and he mentioned that a guy he knows has developed a correlation between a running back's performance and the circumference of that RB's thigh. Oh yeah, baby - leg mass = ranking metric. I thought I'd heard of a lot of crazy stuff out there to help narrow down draft rankings, but this was a new one. The guys over at Sports Data Hub are getting ready to wow us all with a brand new stats world this summer, and now I'm hoping that SDH might include thigh circumference as one of their many tools for analysis. Kidding. But only a little.

  • Someone recently asked if I could provide some more links to rankings by tiers. I'll try to get as many tier links up over the next few weeks, but for those of you who are new to tiers, read up on Sports Data Hub's Tiering it Up.
  • KFFL ranks by tiers - here's a link to their non-PPR ranking, but they have several different types of rankings for different scoring system, so definitely take a look around their various rankings.
  • Check out Yahoo's take on Brady and why it might not be worthing snagging Brady quite so early. There's a lot of quality QB info in that article actually, so I recommend checking it out. From what I've seen in my mock drafts, this is going to be an interesting QB year.
  • Speaking of mock drafts, my latest one just ended last night. West Coast Nonsense ran the mock and has all of the results up on his site in Mock it. Mock it good. I'm seeing some trends in my own drafting - I already knew I had a fantasy crush on Cutler, but apparently I also like Todd Heap and Earnest Graham since they're repeat draftees for me. This mock draft was an 8-team 12-rounder sans kicker and I have to say, with just 8 teams, most teams look pretty darn good. But of course only one of us (ahem) could land LT...
  • Football Burrito has looked at far more draft magazines than I will likely ever get my hands on and has done a quick and dirty grading of each one in Fantasy football magazine reviews. The grand winner from the burrito guy's analysis is Fanball.
  • Smitty from FFXtreme knows how to provide some of the best FF content out there and new this year (I think?) will be Fantasy Football Stock Market - check it out to see whose stock is on the rise or fall.
I'll try to keep the posting up through the holiday weekend but I plan to spend a lot of time doing very little. In addition to my regular fantasy football information overload, I'll also be taking up the following activities this weekend: vast blueberry consumption, advanced sunburn avoidance techniques to escape being the bridesmaid with odd burn lines at my upcoming summer weddings, staring at my small new laptop with adoration every hour on the hour, responding only to the name Professor (I just started a new job at the library this week, hence the new laptop and new job title), and potentially even Independence Day parade attendance (which could directly conflict with the sunburn avoidance situation). In between it all, I'll try to update the blog regularly.


Anonymous said...

I should be a first round draft pick then.

-Atty in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, check out this new spin on fantasy football,

Anonymous said...

Thigh problem :) If you've got the data we can load it and make it available for analysis.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I knew you'd say that, Kevin. If it actually exists, I'd be all for finding it...