Monday, July 21, 2008

Returning from Columbus to the start of training camp

First things first, I actually enjoyed the Ohio State campus and my general Columbus experience this past weekend far more than I anticipated. I just returned from a trip to Columbus for a college roommate's wedding and I had a fantastic time; though am now likely sick after a trip that included 4 different flights and a lot of sleep loss. Four footballish things I learned from this trip:

  1. Buckeye fans, you have a fine stadium. My apologies for considering peeing on the side. But you guys still remain my football nemesis...
  2. Never discount the chance that the father of the bride will show the entire crowd his OSU boxers during his toast at the reception.
  3. There was Buckeye pride everywhere I looked. And football is um, kind of a big deal. On one of my teeny flights out of Columbus, there was a guy behind me that used to be on the Rams' practice squad (I'm sure he was thrilled to squeeze his larger frame into the small plane seat). Football seemed to be everywhere; football is god in Ohio. So maybe it wouldn't be such a bad place to live after all...
  4. Training camp is here! Okay, so that wasn't a lesson I learned while in Ohio but it must be noted.
Onto football links for the day:
  • As noted above, training camp has started. Don't be that guy/girl who doesn't stay updated on news. Check out Rotoworld or KFFL's news sections for the latest and greatest.
  • There are a few RB situations out there that I feel have received an unbelievably small amount of press in the fantasy football world - one such situation? Cincinnati. Please raise your hand if you have faith in Rudi Johnson. Anyone, anyone? I'll be honest, I have none. It's possible you couldn't pay me to draft him. But what I want to know is, what happened to poor Kenny Watson who is returning to a "more limited role offensively"? That guy was pretty impressive last year but Cincy is psyched about injury-laden Chris Perry instead? Intriguing. What a mess of a backfield. No wonder fantasy writers aren't anxious to spew forth their opinions...but for the record, I bet that Kenny Watson will be the lead runner by Week 5 and he'll end up with a pretty decent season by the end. I might be alone on this one, but I'll be the FFer taking a flier on Watson this year...
  • If you're all about drafting by tiers, or even if you just want some solid insight on WRs this season, check out KFFL's Wide receiver fantasy analysis article. I just saw Larry Fitzgerald go pretty early in a 12-person mock draft (at the 2.08 spot) so I'm interested to see him listed so highly here as well.
  • Shockey's return with the Giants isn't guaranteed according to the Giants' GM. How comfortable do you feel drafting Shockey? Latest ADPs (average draft position) show him at 98th behind Chris Cooley, Todd Heap and Vernon Davis, but still ahead of Heath Miller, Owen Daniels and Tony Scheffler. Hmmm...many of you know about my big fantasy crush on Scheff, but I don't think I would draft Shockey, a man whose team this fall may be an unknown, ahead of Miller, Daniels or of course Scheffler.
  • Here's an offensive line ranking that I don't think I ever posted - Rotoworld's Evan Silva put this together a few weeks ago so remember that as some training camp news comes out I'm sure these rankings, like all others, might shift slightly.
Tomorrow I will hopefully have a column up on the Bruno Boys site - this is something that I'd love feedback on so if there's anything you'd like to hear about in the column down the road, let me know!


The Krafty Librarian said...

The Buckeye fanness is more than just going to or being from Columbus it is a whole state pride sort of thing. There are many in Ohio who never went to OSU nor lived in Columbus, but follow the Bucks religously.

My husband says Ohio IS football.

You were probably too busy, but if you are ever up here again you would like the Hall of Fame.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi Krafty Librarian,
Good to hear from you! Last summer I visited family in eastern Ohio and we included a trip to the Hall of Fame - it was pretty cool and I'm certainly glad I went. I have noticed the footballness of Ohio while visiting family over the years, but I must say Columbus definitely takes it to another level. I guess it's like anything else where the closer you get to the nucleus, the more intense the experience. But good to know that all of Ohio IS no matter where I go in Ohio I'm sure I'll feel right at home.

Anonymous said...

Just remember all you Ohio State Football Fans, while you do no doubt have a great organization and football following, you are still owned by the city of Gainesville, Florida and University of Florida Gators.

Football Jabber said...

"My apologies for considering peeing on the side."

LMAO! You paint a funny picture there!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

And apparently I'd get by even better in Gainesville...nice. Who knew there were so many options for me?

Unknown said...

I'm sorry you had to undergo the pain and torture that is involved in visiting the wasteland that is Columbus, Ohio.

Carson Palmer

Anonymous said...

tji, I am sorry you must be mistaken and referring to Ann Arbor, MI.