Friday, July 25, 2008

Mock draft wrap-up and Ledyard, CT fan

If you came to FF Librarian this morning at 8:47 AM eastern time from Ledyard, Connecticut, you are my 100,000th visitor. Congratulations and I will happily (and perhaps slowly) reward you with some sort of FFL shwag if you are interested. If this could be you, send me your IP address and I can confirm if it's correct or not.

So I have just now finished The Hazean's e-mail mock draft that was just 4 rounds long. My first two picks were Randy Moss (1.12) and Reggie Wayne (2.01); with rounds 3 and 4 I wanted to grab some RBs for my team, so based on the following picks from round 3, I went with the following guys...

3rd Round:

  1. Curveballs 4 Jesus: Jamal Lewis
  2. Sean McCall/Football Outsiders: Marques Colston
  3. Football Burrito Tony Romo
  4. Pancake Blocks: Chad Johnson
  5. West Coast Nonsense: T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  6. Bruno Boys: Steve Smith
  7. The Hazean: Brandon Marshall
  8. Football Jabber: Plaxico Burress
  9. Fantasy Football Fools: Edgerrin James
  10. Fantasy Football Geek Blog: Torry Holt
  11. Fantasy Football Goat: Santonio Holmes
  12. Fantasy Football Librarian: Reggie Bush
Round 4:
  1. Fantasy Football Librarian: Ronnie Brown
So my lineup is: Randy, Reggie, Reggie and Ronnie. I sense a name trend. Thoughts? Good decisions or should I have picked other guys with my 3rd and 4th round picks? I know a lot of people are down on Ronnie Brown and I'm certainly not banking on him being an RB1 for me, that's what you get when you draft WR-WR. Would love to hear any thoughts you have.

Now onto the links for the day:
  • The Hazean has some sleeper picks for you in Sleeper watch: Wide receivers; check out the sleeper QBs and RBs, too. I can't agree with the Rudi Johnson pick there (how have I become so virulently anti-Rudi?) and I'm not buying the Delhomme love, but the rest are fairly sound assessments.
  • What to do with Larry Johnson? He's one of those guys that I'm really uncertain about - if he comes to you at the end of the 1st round, would you take him? What about the middle of the 2nd round? Check out FF Starters' thoughts in Larry Johnson: Fantasy Football Sleeper or Bust in 2008?
  • IDP fans, check out FF Xtreme's 2008 IDP Rankings. Not only is there commentary for each player but each player's ADP is also listed. Awesome stuff as always, FFX.
  • While I certainly think it's important to focus draft research on those players that you imagine will be your starters, I also think you need to know more about the guys you draft as backups; you might need them more than you think. So on that note, TJI brings us Value City...Quarterbacks for some backup QBs that you may be able to snag at a very late point in the draft.
  • And for some amusement as the weekend approaches, enjoy a chuckle while you search for yourself in Football Outsiders' Walkthrough: Psychiatric help, 5 cents - what does your draft style say about you?


Anonymous said...

I think that with the 12th pick in drafts this year, WR-WR might be a good choice. You do lose some value at RB, but the value drop-off after the top WR's is huge and you will miss out on the top 10-15 WR's in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Unless one of the stud RB's or Brady or Manning fall to you, I would suggest going WR-WR with the 12th and 13th picks.

(Obviously this depends on your league, but this is probably what I would do in my league)

Unknown said...

The Ledyard reader was probably checking in from Foxwoods Casino, which makes it doubly cool.