Monday, July 14, 2008

FFL and

So for quite some time now I've had an account with (what is to help me maintain a list that bookmarks some of my favorite fantasy football websites. I think it's about time I share that list with you all, even though I run the risk of you all bypassing my site and going straight to some of my take a look on the right side of the blog - towards the bottom you should see my link roll or I'm pretty sure you can just go here.

I'm in the process of cleaning my bookmarks up, making sure I have the right site name down, the best tags possible (you can see I'm extremely creative with my tags) and other such matters. So if you notice any errors, don't be surprised. And if you have any new site suggestions, please let me know - I'm always looking for more...


Paul said...

Why go somewhere else when summarize it so nicely for us.

Thanks FFLibrarian.

Anonymous said...

Plus, evaluating the evaluators? Priceless.