Monday, July 14, 2008

More mock drafts & seeing the Broncos, baby!

Right now I'm part of a really slow mock draft; I'll be honest, it's just 4 rounds and it started last Wednesday. Kind of thought we'd be done by now, but somehow we're not even to the end of the 1st round. I'm just as flummoxed on that one as the rest of you - I'm drafting 12th of 12 in that league, so I'm just gearing up for my first two picks and am really intrigued by the choices I have facing me: do I grab one RB and Randy Moss? Two RBs? One RB and Peyton Manning? There's still one more guy to pick before my turn arrives, so I might not have the luxury of picking Randy or Peyton, but so far I'm liking these options quite a bit...

In other news, individual game Broncos tickets went on sale this past weekend and I will be in attendance at the Broncos vs. Saints game on September 21. I am going to be traveling a lot this fall so my options were somewhat limited - but I must say, their home schedule is pretty awful. Not exactly matchups that I'm dying to see.

Let's get to some football links - oh and happy Bastille Day to all the Frenchies out there.

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MM said...

That is great that you got tickets to the Broncos-Saints game and all, but I have to tell you one thing:

Geaux Saints!!! Run Reggie Run!!!