Monday, July 07, 2008

Holiday Weekend Recovery

I'm recovering from a very relaxing long weekend by easing my way into the work day - hope you all enjoyed some time off as well. I have to say, I did not see a single firework but I watched a hell of a lot of Olympic trials for track & field. My husband ran in college and we are therefore a dedicated track & field household - but truly, who doesn't love seeing runners move at unbelievable speeds? I must admit it's really just the track events that I dig. Sorry long and high jumpers, but the field events just don't hold my interest nearly as much as the track stuff. Anyway, back to football. I'll try to stay focused on football throughout this Olympic season but apparently I'm easily distracted.

So for the latest on all things football, read on...

  • He'll retire, he'll retire not, he'll retire, he'll retire not...who's to say what will happen with Favre but for the latest on why we might know within the next 10 days, check out SI's Nightmare in Green Bay: The saga of Brett Favre is far from over.
  • The Bruno Boys' draft webazine will be out and freely available within the next few days. Yours truly has a quick fantasy-focused o-line article in there, so I'm sure to pimp the webazine a bit more when it becomes available.
  • This Just In... (TJI for short) is back and better than ever. Check out the new site and take a look at some of those new features to come this year including Drafting With Intelligence and The Bust Report.
  • And speaking of sites that are kicking it into gear for the 2008 season, Football Outsiders (seriously, you should pay attention to this site if you want to oh, say, win your league this year) is getting ready to provide all the 2008 info you'll need, including their KUBIAK projections.
  • Hadn't noticed this before - looks like CBS is on the mock draft bandwagon. If you want to mock it up sometime, give their system a whirl. I haven't tried it yet so I don't know how easy it is to use, but I say give it a try if you have a slow day on your hands...
  • And finally, for those IDP-leaguers out there, SportingNews has an IDP overview: Being patient will pay off article for you to read as your prep for you draft.


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