Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling particularly lucky

Happy birthday to the best guy I've ever met: my awesome husband. Without getting all sappy on you guys (it's really sad but those iPhone 4 commercials are making me tear up these days; blame it on the pregnancy thing!), it's truly an honor being married to such a great dude and every day I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have found this guy. And of course since he's the one that introduced me to this crazy world of fantasy football, let's all raise a glass to the birthday dude!

Now moving on from the husband lovefest to the ff linkfest...

  • If you're in the mood for a handful of sleepers, try 72 of them. Yeah that's right, 72, all with a bit of a write-up from the guys at DynastyLeagueFootball.com. And there are some nice, super deep ones here that should satisfy those of you in the deepest of dynasty leagues in particular.
  • I must say I look forward to Matthew Berry/The Talented Mr. Roto's Love/Hate column every summer. He does of course carry on this list with a weekly assessment of players he, well, loves and hates that week - but this one always seems to signal the close proximity of the season to me. Plus he's a Frank Gore fan this year and I love me some Gore.
  • I hear from a lot of you who seem to appreciate playing around with players stats, including historical stats, so I wanted to make sure you all know that Football Outsiders is offering up a free spreadsheet with standard stats from 2007-2009 for all skill players. So have it, concoct some crazy notions or pull together some interesting patterns over the past 3 seasons. 
  • If you're curious about the value of some players stuck in RBBC situations, ProFootballWeekly.com takes a look at some Fantasy position battles: RBs to gauge which player might have the fantasy upper hand.
  • Meanwhile, NFL Soup has their top 40 running back rankings available - now I've definitely seen other sites/rankings suggest MJD should go earlier than 3rd overall, but I do enjoy the Soup's insistence that Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson are really your only options with the first 2 picks. 
  • Finally, my guest posts here from Fantasyomatic.com have looked a lot at strength of schedule issues for 2010. I appreciate all of the tweaking that Fantasyomatic.com has done to adjust the 2009 defensive rankings though also appreciate Razzball's point in Strength of Rush Defense, 2010 Schedule that there's really no way of knowing what 2010 will bring defensively. I fall somewhere in the middle I think and so I like offering up both the modified SOS thoughts from Fantasyomatic, as well as the straight 2009 defense numbers converted to the 2010 schedule as Razzball has done.


LestersLegends said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

Is it football season yet?

Brian said...

Awesome updates!

I wanted to share a spreadsheet. With everyone having slightly different rules, ADP means something different. If you can have a QB as a flex, it makes a difference. The spreadsheet then takes the rankings from various sources and predicts when players will be taken.


The idea is that if you can get people to share their drafts, you can aggregate the draft results, and see "on average" standard scoring means 9 RBs, 2 WRs and 1 QB selected in the 1st round.

FWIW, Denver is going through a bit of a heatwave right now, but as long as the Rockies are in contention, we're not obsessing so much over film whiz McDaniels and his trusty boy wonder.