Friday, July 16, 2010

A focus on undervalued/overvalued fantasy players

Welcome to Friday afternoon. What's better than knowing that the start of the weekend is just a few hours away? How about knowing that we're now just a smidgen closer to training camp kickoff? July is absolutely flying by so let's get right to today's fantasy football links:

  • First up let's get to some rankings (just updated earlier this week) from FantasyPros911 - they've got you covered with both standard rankings and PPR rankings
  • I'm drawn to basically any article related to the Broncos, so of course I was particularly interested in reading's RB Moreno has a ton of breakout potential. A quick read with plenty of reasons (such as a breezy RB schedule) for even non-Bronco fans to be psyched about Moreno.
  • If you're in the market for a draft kit, take a look at Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy's draft kit (home of the awesome offensive line rankings). I haven't had a chance to scope it out yet but one thing I really like is the ability to see the 2009 draft kit so that you know exactly what you're buying. Nice touch.
  • FFToolbox has two solid articles from this past week that you might want to check out:
  • So undervalued and overvalued players must be the topic of the week or something. Lots of options along those lines:
Later this weekend I'll be posting's look at tight ends based on a well-tweaked strength of schedule for the 2010 season. Until then, enjoy your weekends!


Anonymous said...

You're getting lame. Hatty? We get know them. FFStrategy, you're down to pimping their PAID material...Bronocs? We get it - you like them. Please expand your coverage. It's why I originally bookmarked you and I think you're mailing it in right now.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Wow, message received. Sorry you feel that way but I try to provide variety for all different levels of fantasy players. Hatty - haven't linked to him in a very long time nor do I know him; if you read the FFStrategy series on o-lines you'd know why I think it's worth suggesting their draft kit; and Broncos, don't want em, then skip over those links.

Mailing it in seems a bit harsh.

Anonymous said...

The rest of us appreciate what you do......Thank You!

Ryan Hallam said...

You do good work Sara. Hey anonymous....if you want to leave a comment like that have some stones and leave your name. Doing a site like this isn't easy A-hole.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the idiots and keep doing what you do. It's a great blog!


Anonymous said...


You rock. I check this site every day during the season and offseason you are one of the few sites that pays attention to posting. Keep up the excellent work.

Also, last I checked, this is a FREE site. You are doing us all a service, without reward, and it is greatly appreciated by your fans.

It is clearly hard work and it does not go unnoticed. I like everything you have been doing and look forward to more things to come.

To your detractor, skip the "Bronocs" posts if you do not care to read them. There is plenty of meat on the bones here besides those.

Lib- Keep up the good work, we love it!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thank you guys for the kind words, though do want to add that I appreciate feedback any time. Yes, this site is free and done in my spare time, but I love doing this and I still want to make sure I'm providing you all with top-notch content that is useful. So please don't hesitate to constructively critique.

John Charles said...

I love your site Sara and have you in my links righ there with Espn and CBS.

In fact, the one day last year that you mentioned my site in your links I had well over 1,000 hits that day.

Unfortunately you havent mentioned me since. Now would be a good time to as I just posted my top 50 running backs.

Feedback and the Distortions said...

Ok, had to click on the Hatty link. And gotta question the Kolb logic. Did everyone forget once a team game plans for the starter, the cake walk ends? McNabb will have the laugh on PHI.

But on topic, Sara is wonderful. There is alway a couple of rotten apples.