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Guest post: RBs and a Fantasy Points Against Score

Welcome to the 4th and final guest post from Cris at He's been taking a look at the 2010 schedule and developing a Fantasy Points Against score for each NFL team by position. I've posted his review of QBs, WRs and TEs, so now it's time for RBs. If you've been following along in this series you know that I post the top 3 teams here and you can find the rest on when it gets posted on Friday. So without further ado, enjoy this last article from

Fantasyomatic Fantasy Points Against
Welcome to part four, the final installment in a series of draft prep articles leading up to training camp. This week the focus is on fantasy RBs with information on lots of running backs in the league, their offensive lines, their strength of schedules and where they stand in the depth charts. We ranked all 32 teams based on several factors called 'FPA Score'. We will break down each team and profile each RB candidate. You will also find helpful information on 2009 Yards Per Carry, 2009 Touches, 2009 Red Zone usage, 2010 Strength of Schedule, and 2010 Fantasy Playoff schedules. Don't worry about the Fantasy Points Against data just being grabbed from 2009; the engine used here has been hard at work cranking out "defensive ranking against fantasy position" projections all spring. The "FPA" values you see include 2010 adjustments for draft and free agency additions, coaching changes in the offseason, defensive scheme updates, daily fantasy news updates, and up to the day depth charts. In addition, the FPA values are also weighted against their strength of opponents in 2009 and then again against their strength of opponents in 2010.

What to look for: Players with high yards per pass attempt (YPA) and trends of low FPA ranks against especially during weeks 14-16 (fantasy playoffs). A good combination of low ADP and a high rank in FPA with a lot of involvement in the offense = value. Also watch for mentions of a high red zone score percentage (RZS%), which denotes a TE that's involved in a lot of red zone scoring.

1. San Diego Chargers (FPA: 101.2)

Key Players: 
Ryan Mathews (r) ADP: 17 - 50% of 63
Darren Sproles (YPC 3.6)Â ADP: 98 - 50% of 63 - 91 Touches

Rookie RB Ryan Mathews will be a popular sleeper in fantasy football this season, and while it's not good fantasy form to grab a rookie RB too high and expect big things from him, there are some pretty interesting factors that make Mathews look like he may be a solid top end RB2. First, he has a very impressive #1 overall SOS ranking in our proprietary database for all RBs. Chargers coach Norv Turner estimates that Ryan Mathews will have 290 carries and 40 catches this season. Based on that 290-touch prediction, Mathews will top 1,300 all-purpose yards if he averages a pedestrian 4.0 yards per carry and 7.5 yards per catch. As a team, San Diego scored 17 rushing TDs in 2009 and averaged 3.4 ypc, so even a slight increase can make him gold. The reception total has been overly optimistic all along with Darren Sproles locked into third downs and Mathews catching only 19 passes the past two years at Fresno State. Mathews will have a tough hill to climb unless the Chargers' offensive line improves upon a 3.4 ypc average (worst in the NFL last season). Pro Bowl guard Kris Dielman and center Nick Hardwick are excellent, but as the contract dispute between left tackle Marcus McNeil and the front office rages on, a holdout appears likely. This is certainly something that could take some air out of this balloon. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune confirms that McNeill is next in line for a contract extension with Antonio Gates' out of the way. However as poor as L.T was last season, SD still credited 50% of their Red Zone TDs to their RBs in 63 appearances. If this play calling continues and the offensive line improves just a little bit, then you can expect good things from Mathews. Mathews has been rising rapidly in ADP ranks, starting at around 40 and now appearing as high as 17 overall in some expert drafts.

The reason we have SD ranked #1 is because they have only one matchup against the toughest 5 defenses against RBs, and although that comes in a critical week 15 game, their killer top 5 weakest matchups in weeks 14 and 16 make up for it. You can also expect an excellent start for the rookie (as long as he gets to camp on time) since 5 out of the first 8 weeks are matchups against the easiest 10 defenses against fantasy RBs! Then, after their bye week (and a nice late Week 10 bye to help counter the "rookie wall"), they revisit 4 of the weakest 10 teams again to finish the season. It really doesn't get better than this if you value RBs and SOS.

2. San Francisco 49ers (FPA score: 104.0)

Key Players:
Frank Gore (YPC 4.9)Â ADP: 5 -Â 30% of 50 - 206 Touches
Glenn Coffee / Anthony Dixon (r) ADP: 152 -30% of 50

The 49ers' offensive line is the headline story of their offseason after adding line coach Mike Solari and two solid first-round picks (Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati). While Davis is more of a project slotted to start at right tackle, Iupati has All-Pro potential as an interior lineman. The rookies figure to be part of the 49ers' battles for starting spots in training camp at right tackle and left guard, respectively. This depth is still huge for Frank Gore. Gore runs well in a zone scheme that Solari will bring to SF, yet he is also a huge impact receiver with over 400 yds and 3 TDs through the air in 2009. Gore has never played a full 16 game season, but if he does he is elite. For example, in 2009 Frank Gore averaged more fantasy points per game than MJD. Keep in mind that he has never missed more than 2 games in a season, so it is not an extreme concern, just expect that you will not have him for possibly 3 games (including the bye) and if you can live with that, he is a great value.

The Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows does not believe rookie Anthony Dixon will unseat Glen Coffee for the primary backup job this summer. "At least not at the start of the season," said Barrows. Coffee is already adept at blitz pickup, so he'll have a sizable advantage on the No. 2 job in training camp, making Coffee a better use of a late-round fantasy pick than Dixon. Gore will jump out to a great start with all three of his first games against bottom 10 defenses against fantasy RBs. If you look closer, you will see that he actually faces the projected worst and 2nd worst teams against RBs in those first three weeks. Then, after a couple tough matchups, things settle down and eventually ease into an amazing weeks 14 and 16.

3. Denver Broncos (FPA score: 113.9)

Key Players:
Knowshon Moreno (YPC 3.8)Â ADP: 28 - 76% of 52 - 233 Touches
Correll Buckhalter (YPC 5.5)Â ADP: 144 - 76% of 52 - 114 Touches

Knowshon Moreno totalled 1160 total yards with 9 TDs in 2009, but he had a chance to do a lot more. He only averaged 3.8 ypc and also lost 4 fumbles. Keep in mind he missed training camp due to his hold out and suffered an MCL injury in the preseason. He also wore down quite a bit to 2.7 ypc over the last 4 games. Overall he had less than 250 carries as a rookie, but had 33 broken tackles and was active in the passing game. NFL Network's Michael Lombardi believes Knowshon Moreno could "set the league on fire this season" as long as he stays healthy. Lombardi is tight with Josh McDaniels, so he could be getting his optimistic outlook straight from the head coach. Much will depend on Demaryius Thomas emerging as a legit downfield threat to open up running lanes for Moreno. Beat writer Mike Klis has already issued a "fantasy alert" on Moreno, and McDaniels has predicted an "impact" role in the passing game. However, McDaniels likes using RBBCs so Correll Buckhalter will still see action, just not enough to carry him on your roster. Buckhalter actually made more with his opportunities last year with his 5.5 ypc. Despite this, he got only 3 goal line attempts while Moreno had 14. Keep in mind that Denver gave 76% of its Red Zone TDs to RBs in 2009 so if that continues, Moreno could benefit big time. In the past, Denver could plug anyone in at running back, or along the offensive line, and still have success because of the zone-blocking scheme. However, during the offseason Denver moved toward a man blocking "power" scheme which should be better for Moreno. Moreno will have a shot to get his legs under him with three top 10 matchups against soft defenses in the first 4 games. There is a wicked stretch of 3 out of 4 very bad matchups before Denver's week 9 bye. But if you are savvy, let Moreno owners in your league struggle through some poor performances weeks 5-8, then when they are looking for a RB2 replacement for Moreno during their Week 9 bye, offer them a trade for Moreno and enjoy an incredible bounce back late season schedule where his value may hit a season high going into the playoffs.


Unknown said…

Kone keen on Palace switch
Agen Bola reported, Wigan forward Arouna Kone says he does not intend to play in the Championship and that a move to Crystal Palace would interest him.
Kone, 29, was Wigan’s star man last season despite their relegation from the Premier Leagu, as he scored 13 goals in 38 appearances in all competitions.
The Ivory Coast international helped Wigan to their FA Cup success, but is not keen on hanging around at the DW Stadium to experience life in the second tier.
With Wigan’s former manager Roberto Martinez having left for Everton, Kone has been linked with a switch to Goodison Park, but the Ivorian also said he was keen on a move to newly-promoted Crystal Palace.
Kone, who says he has been the subject of several enquiries, wants the offer to be right for Wigan, though.
Kone told The Sun: “You always have ambitions as a footballer, and I don’t intend to play in the English second division.asreported byIndo Eleven.
“Wigan have gone down, which is a real shame. It’s up to them to set out their stance about my situation. I aim to play for one of the best clubs in England, and I hope I will get the chance.
“I’ve had plenty of approaches. I can’t reveal the names of the clubs.
“But Crystal Palace have gone up, and from the moment a club is in the Premier League that is good for me.
Source :
ry chard said…
FIFA: Piala Konfederasi Tetap Dilanjutkan
Agen Bola melaporkan berita, Rio De Janiero - FIFA menegaskan Piala Konfederasi akan tetap dilanjutkan meski sempat muncul kabar ada bahwa turnamen akan dihentikan terkait kondisi keamanan di Brasil.

Sejak dimulainya turnamen antara juara-juara di setiap benua itu pekan lalu, kondisi keamanan di Brasil memang sedang tak kondusif. Setiap hari nyaris diwarnai demonstrasi yang tak jarag berujung bentrok antara pihak kepolisian dan pendemo.

Terakhir terjadi demonstrasi saat berlangsung dua laga Grup B di Rio De Janiero dan Salvador. Masyarakat Brasil tidak puas dengan pemerintah yang dinilai menghambur-hamburkan uang untuk penyelenggaraan Piala Dunia dan Olimpiade 2016, padahal negara itu tengah dilanda krisis ekonomi.

Unjuk rasa yang terus berlangsung ini sudah membuat khawatir tim-tim yang berpartisipasi di sana dan diisukan timnas Italia sudah mengajukan kepada FIFA agar turnamen itu dihentikan -- meski kabar tersebut sudah dibantah oleh pihak Azzurri seperti dikutip dari Indo Eleven
Sumber :

Unknown said…
Galliani: Boateng dan El Shaarawy Tetap di Milan
Agen Bola melaporkan berita, Milan - Wakil Presiden AC Milan, Adriano Galliani, menanggapi rumor terkait masa depan Kevin-Prince Boateng dan Stephan El Shaarawy. Galliani menegaskan bahwa dua pemain tersebut akan tetap berseragam Rossoneri.

Masa depan Boateng dan El Shaarawy jadi bahan spekulasi media dalam beberapa waktu terakhir. Nama pertama kabarnya diincar AS Monaco, sementara nama kedua dilaporkan jadi buruan Manchester City.

"Tak ada tawaran untuk Boateng. Si pemain juga tidak meminta pindah, juga tidak ada klub mana pun yang menanyakannya," jelas Galliani seperti dikutip dari Indo Eleven

"Saya bertemu dengan Monaco, tapi itu murni kunjungan kehormatan. Tak ada yang percaya kepada saya!" katanya.
Sumber :
som orl said…

Hadapi Spanyol di Laga Penentu, Nigeria Masih Pede Bisa Lolos
Agen Bola melaporkan berita, Salvador - Kekalahan atas Uruguay mengecilkan kans Nigeria maju ke semifinal Piala Konfederasi 2013 mengingat Spanyol jadi lawan terakhirnya di fase grup. Tetapi kubu 'Elang Super' tetap optimistis.

Setelah menang 6-1 atas Tahiti di laga pertamanya, Nigeria lalu harus mengakui keunggulan Uruguay, Jumat (21/6/2013) pagi WIB. Nigeria kalah 1-2dari Uruguay, setelah sempat menyamakan skor.

"Yang membedakan adalah kurangnya konsentrasi di gol kedua. Selain itu, pertandingannya berjalan bagus, para pemain saya bermain bagus. Hanya satu atau dua menit kurang konsentrasilah yang membuat perbedaan," kata Pelatih Nigeria Stephen Keshi di Reuters.

"Saya terkesan dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh para pemain saya mengingat perbedaan pengalaman dengan tim Uruguay yang telah bermain bersama selama enam tahun sementara tim kami baru bermain bersama selama satu tahun, tepatnya satu tahun setengah."seperti dikutip dari Indo Eleven

"Saya tidak bisa mempertanyakan komitmen mereka dan saya tidak bisa mempertanyakan loyalitas mereka. Mereka telah melakukan segalanya," paparnya.
Sumber :

Anonymous said…
Werder close on Santiago Garcia

Agen Bola reported, that Werder Bremen are set to wrap up the deal for Argentine full-back Santiago Garcia.
The 25-year-old defender, who spent the last season at Palermo, is a free agent and he looks set to join the Bundesliga outfit.
General manager Thomas Eichin has confirmed that the Weserstadion outfit is in talks with the highly rated footballer.
“We have interest in him, but the deal has not been concluded,” Eichin explained to Bild.
Werder have already signed one player on a free transfer this summer, having snatched forward Franco Di Santo from Wigan Athletic, and they look ready to boost their ranks with another Argentine footballer.
Santiago Garcia began his career at Rosario Central and went on to join Palermo in the summer of 2010. as reported by Indo Eleven.
After appearing in just three Serie A games during his first year in Italy, he was farmed out on loan at Novara, where he performed pretty well before returning to Renzo Barbera last summer.
Source :
Unknown said…
Tottenham reignite interest in Hernanes

Agen Bola reported, Tottenham are pondering a late move for Lazio playmaker Hernanes.
Spurs are still hoping to sign a creative midfielder after missing out on Willian, especially since everything suggests Gareth Bale will soon be leaving the club.
As a result, Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas is hoping to lure long-term target Hernanes to White Hart Lane before the summer transfer window closes.
And while Lazio chiefs are reluctant to negotiate the sale of their prized asset, they are not in such a good position after the talks over a new contract broke down.
Meanwhile, it is believed the Brazilian midfielder would be interested in a switch to White Hart Lane, with the Biancocelesti proving unable to mount a serious title challenge in Serie A. as reported by Indo Eleven.
Despite being mostly used as a central midfielder, Hernanes has been scoring goals for fun in Italy, having bagged 20 goals in 66 Serie A matches.
Source :

Stoke City sign Assaidi

Agen Bola reported, Stoke City F.C. have completed the signing of Morocco international winger Oussama Assaidi on a season-long loan deal from Liverpool..
Assaidi, 25, joined Liverpool from Dutch Eredivisie side Heerenveen for an undisclosed fee — believed to be in the region of £2.3 million – in August 2012, but has failed to establish himself in Brendan Rodgers’ first-team. as reported by Indo Eleven.
The Morocco international has become Mark Hughes’ fourth signing of the summer following the arrivals of Erik Pieters, Marc Muniesa and Juan Agudelo.
Assaidi, who tallied one assist in 12 appearances in all competitions for the Reds last season, is absolutely delighted with the move.
Source :
Unknown said…
Kejenuhan Allegri Atas Komentar Pirlo

Berita pertandingan sepak bola terkini dari Agen Bola terbaik - Pelatih AC Milan, Massimiliano Allegri, mengaku bosan dengan pernyataan seputar kehebatan Andrea Pirlo dalam lapangan sepak bola. Hal tersebut diungkapkannya menanggapi performa Pirlo yang sukses membawa Juventus mengalahkan Milan dalam lanjutan Serie-A, Minggu (6/10/2013).

Pirlo didaulat menjadi pemain terbaik pada laga yang berakhir 3-2 tersebut. Ia pun sukses mencetak satu dari total tiga gol skuad La Vecchia Signora melalui tendangan bebas pada menit ke-15.

Pirlo sebelumnya berlabuh ke Turin dengan status bebas transfer lantaran manajemen I Rossoneri enggan memperpanjang kontraknya yang ketika itu berusia 32 tahun pada 2011. Salah satu alasannya, Milan ditengarai menganggap masa keemasan Pirlo telah berakhir seiring usianya yang tak lagi muda.

Agen Judi terpercaya - Namun, asumsi tersebut ternyata salah. Pirlo tetap mampu menjadi salah satu pemain kunci Juventus hingga saat ini. Bahkan, pada musim perdananya dengan Si Nyonya Tua, Pirlo sukses mempersembahkan scudetto.


Anonymous said…
Keputusan Mainkan Sebastian Giovinco

Berita pertandingan sepak bola terkini dari agen sbobet terbaik - Pelatih Juventus, Antonio Conte, puas dengan keputusan memainkan Sebastian Giovinco pada laga kontra AC Milan, di Stadion Juventus, Turin, Minggu atau Senin (7/10/2013) dini hari WIB.

Giovinco menjadi pemecah kebuntuan Juventus saat kedudukan masih 1-1. Gol yang mengubah skor menjadi 2-1 untuk Juventus, diciptakan Giovinco terjadi setelah dua menit ia masuk menggantikan Fabio Quagliarella. Juventus pada akhirnya menang 3-2 hingga pertandingan berakhir.

Agen Judi terbaik - "Saya pikir saya akan membuat pergantian pemain yang baik saat melawan Galatasaray pada Rabu lalu. Tetapi kemudian, kami kebobolan dan semua orang mengatakan saya telah membuat keputusan yang buruk," kata Conte.


Anonymous said…
Mathieu Flamini Direkrut Arsenal

Berita pertandingan sepak bola terkini dari agen sbobet terbaik - Pelatih Arsenal Arsene Wenger mengaku sempat ragu-ragu sebelum akhirnya memutuskan untuk merekrut gelandang Mathieu Flamini (29) dari AC Milan. Menurutnya, keraguannya terhadap Flamini sejauh ini terbukti tidak benar.

Arsenal merekrut Flamini pada Agustus 2013. Ini adalah kali kedua Flamini menandatangani kontrak di Arsenal. Sebelumnya, ia bermain untuk Arsenal pada 2004-2008.

Agen Judi terbaik - Sementara itu, Flamini mengaku tak pernah merasa jauh dari Arsenal dan senang bisa kembali. Menurutnya, ada urusan yang belum selesai di Arsenal.


Anonymous said…
Messi Figur Yang Penting

Berita olah raga terbaru dari Agen Bola terpercaya - Penyerang Barcelona, Neymar da Silva, menilai Lionel Messi akan tetap menjadi figur penting bagi skuad Blaugrana meski saat ini tengah menepi karena cedera. Messi, kata Neymar, akan selalu dirindukan oleh para pemain Barcelona di dalam lapangan.

Lionel Messi harus absen selama tiga pekan setelah mendekap cedera otot paha saat membawa Barcelona mengalahkan Almeria 2-0 di Liga BBVA, Sabtu (28/9/2013). Meski begitu, tanpa kehadiran bintang asal Argentina itu, Barcelona sukses menuai kemenangan di dua laga terakhirnya melawan Celtic (1-0) dan Valladolid (4-1).

Neymar mengaku senang dua kemenangan tersebut dapat diraih timnya di tengah absennya Messi. Akan tetapi, mantan pemain Santos itu menilai kehadiran Messi akan tetap dinantikan rekan-rekannya untuk mengembalikan peforma terbaik Barcelona.

Agen Judi terbaik - Barcelona berada di puncak klasemen sementara Liga BBVA dengan poin sempurna dari total delapan laga. Pada pertandingan selanjutnya, skuad asuhan Gerardo Martino itu akan menantang Osasuna di El Sadar Stadium pada Sabtu (19/10/2013).


Unknown said…
Napoli Dipuji Rafael Benitez

Berita sepak bola terbaru dari Agen Bola terbaik - Pelatih Napoli, Rafael Benitez, memuji penampilan tim asuhannya saat mengalahkan Napoli 4-0. Menurut Benitez, timnya sudah menunjukkan karakter dan reaksi atas kekalahan 0-2 dari Arsenal di Liga Champions pada tengah pekan lalu.

Terkait dengan kekalahan dari Arsenal, Benitez mengaku timnya tampil dengan intensitas berbeda ketimbang saat menang atas Borussia Dortmund dua pekan sebelumnya.

Agen Judi online - Eks pelatih Liverpool dan Inter Milan ini pun memastikan tak ada pembedaan antara pemain, meski Paolo Cannavaro kembali dibangkucadangkan dalam laga kali ini.


Unknown said…
Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Menang 2-1 Atas Marseille

Berita pertandingan sepak bola terkini dari Agen Bola terbaik - Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) meraih kemenangan penting, 2-1, saat bertandang ke markas Olympique Marseille, di Stade Velodrome, Marseille, Minggu atau Senin (7/10/2013) dini hari WIB.

Kemenangan kontra Marseille membawa PSG tetap menjaga persaingan di puncak klasemen Ligue 1. PSG kini memiliki poin sama, yakni 19 poin, dengan AS Monaco yang memimpin klasemen karena unggul selisih gol.

Agen sbobet terbaik - Nasib malang menghampiri Marseille pada pertengahan babak kedua. Pada menit ke-64, pelanggaran Ayew terhadap Marquinhos memaksa wasit menunjuk titik putih untuk PSG. Alhasil, kesempatan ini tak disia-siakan Zlatan Ibrahimovic yang sukses menggetarkan jala Marseille lewat tendangan penalti. Pertandingan pun berakhir 2-1 untuk kemenangan PSG.


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