Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little summer vacation time

Tomorrow morning I hop on the train and head down to my hometown just outside of DC for a long weekend with the family. It should be full of festivities - a friend from high school is getting married and a baby shower is being thrown for me. Good times and likely the last time I'll travel for awhile. So good thing I'm doing it right by bringing a UHaul full of baby stuff back up next week. And by "doing it right" I'm hopefully implying a great deal of sarcasm since a UHaul is hardly a fun way to travel when unknocked up, much less 7 weeks away from giving birth to a tiny person. But hey, that truck will be full of generous gifts and family hand-me-downs so honestly, no complaints. Should be an entertaining experience. But it also means I'll probably be a bit quiet for the next several days while I'm on the enjoy today's links!

  • Some player news to update you on - Jonathan Stewart is placed on the active PUP list.
  • The Fifth Down is really cranking out fantasy football advice now and there are a couple of articles to draw your attention to this week:
    • First up, definitely take a look at their WR rankings for the 2010 season replete with helpful playoffs schedule guide (though I was a bit thrown by the fact that red shading = good and blue shading = caution since I'm so used to the traffic light style usage of red equaling cause for concern/stop).
    • Or see what Cecil Lammey from the FootballGuys has to say in their Second-Year Running Backs: Who Could Be a Surprise? I absolutely LOVE seeing Tyrell Sutton, my fellow Northwestern alum, listed among several other new and not-so-new names.
  • I found myself intrigued with Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy's ADP Analysis article. Very interesting stuff that builds on value based drafting a bit - definitely good food for thought. 
  • As I mentioned earlier this week, lots of love for TE Zach Miller out there and The Hazean definitely agrees. See why Miller, Scheffler (can't believe you're not a Bronco...) and Keller make the list in Three Late-Round Tight Ends Worth a Look.
  • In the market for a dynasty mock draft to get a sense of where guys are going? Well look no further than Rotoworld's one-man startup mock for a dynasty league. Sure, it's just one man but I'd wager that Evan Silva knows way more than your average FFer. 
  • Finally, Fantasy Phenoms has been pulling together a series on questions heading into training camp - almost all the division summaries are up now, so check them out.

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The Legend's Fantasy Football Advice said...

Nice collection of articles with some good value. The dynasty article was especially enlightening.