Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend catch up

Ahh, there's absolutely nothing like having a big move behind you. Of course the 20 or so boxes in our new living room might indicate there's still plenty of work to do, not to mention the slow transition going on for our freaked out cats, but I feel a great deal of relief to have the bulk of this move completed. Perhaps the most awesome part about th move? The realization that we now have both the NFL Network and the Big Ten Network (go Wildcats!). Fantastic. All of Brooklyn is invited to watch games at our place this fall with a brand new infant. Hot times, right?

So now that I can catch my breath a bit (ha, actually not so much what with the growing belly making it harder to breathe...but you know what I mean), I'm catching up on some of the latest FF links out there and have some good stuff for you:

  • The freebies on are coming to an end soon (I think July 15 might have been the cutoff for most content) so I highly recommend you read up on whatever free material they offer since this is FBG we're talking about. Take a look at The Ten Players to Build Around in 2010, where Dodds includes a player's value point, ADP, and where he hopes to draft the player along with the writeup. Good read.
  • While I'm on FBG I'll just quickly note that their Rate My Team function is up and running. I know a lot of you really enjoyed this product last year and found it interesting at the very least, so I recommend scoping out the 2010 version once you've got your crew together. 
  • I love approaching drafts with a good set of tiers compiled - it seems like a more balanced approach to drafting than straight rankings. See what Razzball has pulled together (with their usual dose of a chuckle or two) in their 2010 Fantasy Football PPR Tiers.
  • Yahoo's RotoArcade carries on with their Juggernaut Index - today's team is my favorite: the  Broncos. I know some of you might be sick of Broncos linkage but hey, so just skip this one if you must, and go straight to Yahoo's updated Top 100 rankings instead (or you can link to their rankings by position in addition).
  • See why has Sidney Rice taking a step back in 2010 in Was 2009 a Fluke for Sidney Rice?
  • For more thoughts on wide receivers, FFToday has an obligatory (but still helpful) look at Third-Year Wide Receivers Ready to Bust Out.
  • Finally, EPSN's What's YACo got to do with it? will be a nice read for those of you with a stats bent. It's not quite as stats-y as Football Outsiders per se, but looks at YACo (yards after contact) and 9 other perhaps less-discussed stats that you might want to be aware of heading into the 2010 season.
I'll be back later tonight with that TE analysis from but until then, enjoy your Sundays!


Unknown said...

Just came across your blog looking for like-minded bloggers, and wow. Very impressive work you have. I'm just getting my little sports blog off the ground and a sizable portion of my work will also center around fantasy football. What you've done is a model to aspire to! So thank you! great stuff! I look forward to following your work.


Anonymous said...

Hi FFLibrarian. Wanted to let you know that your "What's YaCo got to do with it?" link goes to the wrong article. Pls fix!

Eric said...

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