Thursday, July 22, 2010

FInding the unexpected bonus

So one of the perks to our new apartment is the stunning view out the window - we look west from Brooklyn towards the Statue of Liberty and can see some pretty glorious sunsets. As we were unpacking our remaining moving boxes earlier tonight (only 4 more to go!), I just felt incredibly lucky to have found a place with such a stellar view, since it really wasn't something on our must-haves list when apartment searching. Just a bonus. Kind of like when you draft a running back who is a surprisingly adept receiver or a QB whose rushing TDs lead you to a win week in and week out. And really, that's at least one reason why we're all here, right? To see if we can get the edge on finding players with a sweet, unexpected bonus. On that note, let's get to tonight's links:

  • Ask the Commish, who has done quite well over the past few years with fantasy rankings (see the series on my rankings accuracy analysis), has updated their rankings in time for the start of training camp. With such a successful past with rankings, I highly recommend scoping out what they have pulled together for 2010.
  • Here's another set of RB rankings you might want to scope out - Rotoprofessor's Top 40 Running Backs for 2010: Take Two. Or how about Mac Bros' top 75 running back rankings (other positions can be linked to from the navigation links at the top of the page).
  • Yahoo's Roto Arcade dukes out the benefits of Michael Crabtree vs Mike Sims-Walker in Spin Doctors. I'm siding with MSW here, thanks in large part to my love for Gore but also my uncertainty about Alex Smith. Perhaps I should have more doubt in Garrard though about you all?
  • Earlier this week the IDP Guru posted his IDP sleepers for 2010 - you'll likely find some new names as well as some guys who have been around for awhile now; nice mix. 
  • KFFL has a thorough running back handcuff chart that should get your mind thinking about some deep players that should be on your radar. It's really quite interesting to compare teams like the Cowboys or the Falcons with three names that every fantasy player knows, versus teams like the Vikings and the Titans that are stacked with not only their top RB but 4 other backs at this time.
  • The Hazean brings us a list of backup RBs that you'll want to be aware of on draft day - Beware These 11 Touchdown Vultures.
  • The FFManiaxs offer up both 2010 breakouts and 2010 busts. I'll be honest, I don't agree with some of these but I always think it pays to read why others are high/low on players.
  • Finally, a little something fun and not really about football at all - Razzball recently conducted a Draught Beer Draft and while I'm sad I wasn't called upon to participate, it does remind me of all the delicious beer awaiting me post-pregnancy. I'm really more of an amber/red beer fan, which I know isn't quite as revered in beer circles as hoppier beers, but there are definitely some brews on this list I wouldn't mind trying - really there's something for everyone in this draught draft.

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Ryan Hallam said...

Give me Crabtree over MSW any day of the week. I am not an Alex Smith fan either, but Crabby is a beast and will be a top ten guy very soon. And yes, you should have more concerns about Garrard than Smith, he is HORRIBLE.