Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gearing up for rankings season

My dad has gone completely bananas and has dedicated an extensive amount of time and energy over the past several day to researching our various family lineages online. I've got all sorts of fascinating characters in my family history - politicians, vaudeville actors, Amish, town founders, poets - and I didn't anticipate finding any of it as interesting as I do. But perhaps I should have been more prepared for that since as all fantasy football buffs know, a look back in time can really be quite informative. Today we've got a growing number of rankings being published and even more are en route with August just around the corner. Several of you have asked if I'll be pulling together another average rankings position spreadsheet as I did in past years, and yes, I will be! I'll be posting the first set of average rankings around August 10-15th or so and will update it at the end of the month. I know many of you found it to be a useful tool for draft day so here's hoping it will help again for the 2010 season.

Let's get to today's links:

  • Like I said, we've got a handful of rankings out there my friends...
    • The Fifth Down's Sablich brothers are back at it for the season - scope out their QB thoughts in Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks.
    • Fighting Chance Fantasy has an extensive treatise chock full of RB rankings. Seriously, this article is lengthy so settle into your seat before you click. 
    • ProFootballWeekly.com's positional rankings are up, including all offensive skill positions, plus a team defense rankings, and a top 100 overall ranking.
    • Not really a ranking but almost better really since it's an Aggregate ADP list. Love it, Razzball, thank you. Note that Razzball's analysis of the varying ADPs from 3 top sites is still to come, but this is a deep list (189 players) of current average draft positions. 
  • Speaking of ADP analysis, if you're an IDP guy or gal, then you might find it helpful to check out IDP Guru's IDP ADP Analysis: Defensive Linemen, which compares publicized ADPs for DLs to the IDP Guru's own rankings...and then a look at those players where the Guru and ADP differ significantly.
  • In case you could have possibly missed the big news today, Terrell Owens is a Bengal and Pancake Blocks has us covered with what this might mean from a fantasy perspective.
  • I'm digging Roto Arcade's Spin Doctors series and this look at Bears WRs Devin Aromashodu vs Johnny Knox plays up the likely fantasy Martz magic in Chicago this season.
  • Sports Buff is nearly halfway through their team-by-team breakdowns and conveniently enough look at the Bears today to see which players you should focus on come draft day. Happy Bears-ing with these last two links!
  • In case it isn't obvious with the way I gush over his material, I am a huge Matt Waldman fan and have been following his Weekly Gut Check column for years. So of course I was pleased to see his post on The Fifth Down (the more places to find Waldman = better) that pokes and prods a bit at the Stud RB Drafting Strategy in Running Back Turnover and How It Affects Your Fantasy Draft.
  • Finally, an article on RotoTimes.com, FF Roundtable: Undervalued Tight Ends, queried a bunch of Fanball staff FF smarties to find out which TEs are undervalued going into the 2010 season. Read on to find out why there's a lot of Zach Miller love from the Fanball experts.

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