Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scratching the surface

Wow, the summer is absolutely flying by and somehow I've found myself immersed in things like day care center tours, consults with pediatricians, and debates on just how uncomfortable it will be to drive a UHaul of baby-related furniture from DC to NYC when 8 months pregnant. If you haven't been reading along during the offseason or haven't caught on yet, we're expecting a baby in two months and I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of how my life is about to change. I'm hoping to keep things fairly steady and business-as-usual here on the blog, but between our upcoming move this weekend and all other baby matters going on right now, I might not be on my normal posting schedule. But I'll do my best! So before I bore you all with musings on the safety or lack thereof of using my dad's old bassinet that has been chillin' in the family attic for 31 years since I outgrew it, or what waiting 40 minutes to merely meet the man who might be our pediatrician might mean about his future timeliness...let's get me out of baby mode and right into fantasy football linkage:

  • I'll be honest here, I just spent way, way too long on Razzball's Fantasy Football Team Name Generator. I was captivated by the long list of possible items that include ground meat. Confused? Then go scope it out and see how you can create a team name like Apoplectic Raviolis or Dueling Beef Patties. Or for something along the more seriously lines (though really why?), see which "shallow grave sleepers" they recommend in Running Backs to Target.
  • Continuing the theme, how about some other potential sleeper RBs from The Hazean? 4 names to consider in Sleeper Watch: Four Under-the-Radar Running Backs. Not sure I'd call these guys sleepers but perhaps they'll offer more value at their draft position than others.
  • Few teams get football fans riled up like the Cowboys. So see what RapidDraft's Matt Schauf thinks about their fantasy prospects this year in the Cowboys Team Breakdown.
  • FantasyFanPlay.com has taken a look at some ADP (average draft position) results from Fantasy Football Calculator's site and has analyzed a few of the more interesting mock draft results in ADP Analysis.
  • I love mock draft results - have you noticed yet? I'm probably a good chunk of the traffic encouraging mock draft result analysis but gotta say it's money to know why Evan Silva took who he took in his latest mock
  • Those who are diehard Football Outsiders fans might be particularly interested in their Oddities of 2009 article, which looks at why 2009 was such a tough year as far as projections go .

Needless to say probably but with all I've had going on lately I am horribly behind on responding to e-mails, so if you've sent me a note, or even commented on the site lately and I haven't responded...well, I'll get to it eventually, hopefully in the next week or two. Bug me with a few more e-mails if it's urgent and I'll get the message.


Anonymous said...

Just a heads up - www.fantasy-football-first.com is back for a second season and they just posted their draft rankings for all positions including the top 50 running backs!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sara, Baby mode will be more and more your mode. Scratching the surface is right :) The only people that say having kids didn't change their lives either don't have kids or someone else is raising them. Just remember that the good Lord won't give you more than you can handle and your new priority is the little you, the rest of the world may have to wait a day or two sometimes.
Take Care,

Lee said...

Eh, don't worry about it. Tack care of you and yours, that's the good stuff!

Imagine bringing them into the biz someday. My six year-old is obsessed with the NFL Draft already (does his own research, crazy) and I'm going to bring him in to co-own a team this season.

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