Monday, December 19, 2011

Misdialing in Week 15

One of our son's favorite toys is our home phone - we have a land line since I work from home and need it for conference calls, and it's a good thing we do since he loves that thing. Obsessed would be putting it mildly. But until this morning he's never actually called anyone other than our voicemail - he's dialed a ton of numbers, he's just never hit the crucial "talk" button to pull it all together. But this morning he managed to get it on speaker so that my husband and I both heard the recorded voice that suddenly came on: "Hello there, I can offer you a massage..." is roughly all we heard before we could get to the phone, and we just both stood there stunned and cracking up that oh yes, my friends, our son called some sort of phone sex line. What are the chances?

Probably about as small as the chances that the Packers would lose to the Chiefs and the Colts would finally tally a win - though of all the unlikely things I guess I should've seen Drew Brees and his 5 TD, 400+ yards performance coming. I mean seriously Brees? Knocked me out of the championship game for sure.

I'm still alive in another league (pending total chaos tonight in the MNF game) so I'm all about reviewing the waiver wire this week just in case there's still something out there. And of course I've got your Week 15 recaps, too, so read on:

Good luck to anyone whose Week 15 success rides on tonight's game!


Unknown said...

are you going to do a playoff challenge this year, would love to join if so! OSB

Brooklyn said...

Sarah, I miss your daily posts!! I hope you and your family are doing well, and everything is alright.
Happy holidays.

Kevin (Mercury) said...

Would like to repeat Brooklyn's sentiments. Hope all is well in Librarian Land. Cant imagine you would get careless during so many teams Championship week (Mine is next week). Hope all are well and its a computer issue!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Potlicker - just re-posted the link for the playoff challenge in today's post. Glad you're up for it again!

Brooklyn and Kevin, sorry for the delay there but yup, all is well in Librarian Land. Enjoy today's links and I'll be back with more before the onslaught of games on Saturday!