Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Construction madness means turning to football

So for those of you who are new to this site, I really am a librarian - it's not just a blog name, I work as a librarian at a university in Colorado and our library has just started a major construction project. The start of the project involves overhauling two huge rooms just outside my office - and anyone who has dealt with construction in their workplace or home might see where I am going with this...the noise this morning has been close to unbearable and this is just the beginning. Soon there will be the removal of entire walls and glass panels as well as the joys of drilling into concrete. I'm scoping out possible new "office" locations for the rest of the summer and am wondering if actually I just need to concentrate on fantasy football above all else.

  • I really am starting to worrying about my Broncos' #1 WR...Brandon, what is going on??
  • ProFootballWeekly takes a look at six training camp battles for QB from a fantasy perspective...frankly, you probably aren't going to grab any of these guys except as a flyer or if you're in a massive league of 16+ (I hope), but I think many of these are guys to keep an eye on as the season progresses. They also have five training camp battles for RB, which are bound to be more relevant for most drafts.
  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy brings us Predicting the Top 10 Wide Receivers Based on Historical Trends - note their comments in the beginning that this is not an actual ranking, they are assuming this will be a fun article that can be ridiculed at the end of the season, but personally I really enjoy this sort of analysis. I'm particularly intrigued by some of their picks for top 6-10 WRs by the end of the season like Darrell Jackson and Jerricho Cotchery. I'm also a Colston-lover, so I appreciate seeing some love for him in the top 5 WRs...and don't worry, UltimateFFStrategy doesn't stop with WRs - check out their predictions for RBs and QBs, too. There's some serious love for the Broncos in those three posts - Selvin Young, Darrell Jackson and Jay Cutler all get some attention here.
  • Some of you have asked if I have any advice on draft or lineup software out there...and honestly, I really don't. There's a lot out there but I haven't tried a single one - if I was going to try one though, I think I'd get on board with Fantasy Football Starters' Line-up Analyzer. It's possible that I'd really just want to use this to challenge myself and see if an algorithm could outsmart me. These guys have a trade analyzer and a draft analyzer, too, so there's a lot to choose from if you're so inclined. And if by chance I do bit the bullet and check out the Line-up Analyzer, I'll be sure to keep you posted on my battle for start/sit dominance with the algorithm.
  • Fanball does a pretty solid job and providing in-depth analysis on individual players including guys like TE Vernon Davis, TE Ben Utecht and WR Joey Galloway.


Anonymous said...

At least your #1 WR wasn't jacked in Vegas for making it rain. Oh I can feel another long season ahead.

Anonymous said...

Since the Packers aren't exactly falling over themselves to welcome back Favre, can we assume they believe in Aaron Rodgers for 2008? Does this give even a modest bump to Jennings or Grant's value?

Anonymous said...

FFL, wanted to tell you about a great new stat that our league has developed.

We call it "WHIP", which in baseball is the stat for Walks + hits / innings pitched.

Our "WHIP" is slightly different. it is: Points For + Points Against * Wins / total number of games played.

It is a great way to rank teams. Other than the "Versus Power Ranking" we have all come to accept it as the most accurate way to judge team strength.

Just thought I would share it with you in case you ever wanted to play around with it.


Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Anon - I think I'll let this whole Favre thing play out before I start tweaking anyone's value too much. I'm also of the opinion that there's more going on than just the Pack trusting in Rodgers; sure, that must be part of it but seems more complicated than that to me. So while I personally think Rodgers, Grant and Jennings will be just fine this year, I'm not sure I feel that way because of the Packers' stance on Favre right now.

And Hy-Five, your helpfulness strikes again. I have a really simple question about your WHIP stat calculation - is it (Points For + Points Against) * Wins/ total number of games played? Or Points For + (Points Against * Wins/ total number of games played)?

Anonymous said...

Important question indeed.

It is: (points for + points against) * Wins / games played.

This system takes into account the two best ways of ranking teams, points for and wins; and then, considers strength of schedule.

By considering points against, it will help equalize the following: a team with 20 wins 150 points for, but only 100 points against - versus - a team with just 14 wins, 160 points for but 200 points against.

It's purpose is to find the true ranking of teams. It may be better than the Versus Power Ranking for the following reason:

In a power ranking system if team A has the best record, team B has the second best, and team C the third best, that is their final ranking: ABC.

However, suppose your versus score was over 84 games, and that B won only one or two games more than C, but that C scored 100 total points more than B, C would really be the better team - imho.

It's better than a pure points for ranking because team A might have the highest points for, but had 4 incredible weeks and 9 below average weeks while team B finished just below team A, but had 13 above average weeks.

It's better than a pure wins ranking system because Team A might have 20 wins but only 100 points where Team B might have 14 wins, but 170 points for - just played a tougher schedule.

Enjoy, our copy right is actually in the mail - nice.