Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 rankings...and 2010 prospects?!

Tomorrow I head to Michigan to party it up for my grandma's 90th so I'll be quiet for the next few days while I hang with the family. Here's hoping today's links can carry you through the weekend!

  • Matthew Berry has his latest Top 200 up - I love seeing Clinton Portis and Chris Johnson in the top 10; I think there are some doubters out there on both of those players but I believe they're going to have great years...even Portis behind that old-man o-line.
  • FFToolbox brings us Overused Running Backs - a look at 20+ running backs who have rushed more than 400 times in the last two seasons and may be ripe for an injury. And I do realize the humor in seeing Portis at the top spot on this list here right after my statement on how great he'll be in 2009.
  • So who do you all think will be the top prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft? Yeah I'm serious. Rotoworld's Evan Silva wins an award for best draft go-getter with his Ten Draft Prospects for 2010 article.
  • Just curious, does Tiger Woods play second fiddle to Peyton Manning? I guess this isn't the right group of people to ask since you're all likely more football fans than golf fans, but if you were at Quail Hollow following the Tiger/Peyton duo around, which one would you angle to meet/photograph/get an autograph from, etc? My husband need not reply since I think he'd plow down Tiger to meet Peyton.
  • Can the Vikes dominate in '09 without a franchise quarterback? In Lack of franchise QB could vanquish Vikings in 2009, SportingNews looks at how the team might do with basically everything you might need - except that ol' QB guy.
  • Speaking of QBs, Fantasy Sharks has a QB Strength of Schedule article that should be of interest as you start to pull together your fantasy QB rankings - I do not care to see the Broncos at the bottom of that list with the toughest pass SOS. Not cool at all!
Enjoy the weekend!


The Prodigy said...

btw follow your stuff regularly and I'm sure it may become religiuosly as we get closer to the start of the 09 season...just wanted to say, great blog..

...on last thought, I'm not sure how close the Vikes are in all other depts, but if they are close, all they may need to contend is "Trent Dilfer"...and I don't think too many would disagree with Rosenfels being close to filling that you never know.

Great stuff here library lady!!

Fantasy Dr X said...

I was thinking of creating a fantasy league for 2009 with some other sites listed on your blogroll.
Is that possible?