Saturday, April 11, 2009

Early rankings are coming!

When the Masters has arrived, I know that it's nearly time for the bulk of fantasy football prognostications to begin. Soon fantasy draft magazines will be available and every joe shmoe will have a ranking. I'll be here sorting out which new sites and writers know that they're talking about and am already excited to see what my favorite oldtimers have to say about the 2009 stay tuned because the fantasy season is almost here.

In the meantime, a few links to start off your weekend:

  • I love KC Joyner's Scientific Football work and I love stats on the less-pondered positions like the Fifth Down's Scientific Football: Cornerback and Receiver Statistics is right up my alley.
  • Matthew Berry updated his Top 200 ranking - all changes are in italics. I wish the player's previous ranking was also noted since I'd like to know just how far Jay Cutler has fallen since leaving my Broncos.
  • Want to take part in Rotoworld's Pancake Mock 2009? I'll be honest, I didn't sort through all the comments to see which teams/picks are left but there could still be something available, so take a look if you're interested. Or participate in The Hazean's 3rd annual reader/blogger mock draft.
  • Wondering which RBs and FBs are ranked most highly in this year's draft? Check out CBS Sports' RB/FB prospects: Tools, flaws make for mixed bag. There hasn't been much talk about top backs this year, which frankly I'm kind of pleased to see since it might limit the unsubstantiated love for this year's rookie RBs after so many rookie RBs had success in 2008.
Enjoy the Masters and Happy Easter weekend!

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John Reedy said...

To answer your question.......
Matthew Berry dropped Cutler from #46 to #77. That might be a bit low, but it also will depend upon who the Bears get to play across from Hester and Olsen.