Monday, April 27, 2009

Draft recaps galore!

Hello football fans! So how did you enjoy the draft?! Is everyone happy with the direction your teams went in? I'll be honest, when I saw the Broncos grab Knowshon Moreno in the first round my first thought was, "you have got to be kidding me, an RB of all things??? How many of those can we collect in one offseason?" But hey, no better way to get a new QB comfortable than with a strong running game, right? And could drafting Moreno be a turning of the tides here in Denver? Could the Shanahanigans with the revolving runners be coming to an end?

Oh I love all of the evaluation and dissection of the draft. It just makes me giddy. So you can imagine that I'm a bit like a kid on Christmas morning here with just SO much analysis to pore through. If you've found some gems that I've overlooked, please post a link in the comments section or send me an e-mail.

Okay I could keep going possibly for the next 4 hours straight but I have a fair amount of real library work waiting in the wings, so sadly I must put a stop to the article gathering/linking. But here's to fantasy football 09!

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