Friday, April 24, 2009

So long bowling, hello draft

So my bowling league is over for the season - several of you have been following my surprise participation in a bowling league over the past several months (the original token female in the league cut her hand, requiring stitches and a replacement). I have to admit that I didn't really improve like I hoped I would but I did get some excellent tips on my last night of the league - my bowling game might never be the same. Too bad that info came so late in the season!

But don't worry that's not the way I roll with fantasy football - instead I bring you info, tips, rankings, etc all year round. And clearly if you're here on this site in April you're not a last minute fantasy footballer either and are probably psyched for some early fantasy details. So onto today's links:

  • Football Jabber takes a look at 25 NFL Draft links that make you smarter than everyone in case you need some more prep before tomorrow's draft.
  • As a Broncos fan I think I link to just about every Broncos team needs article out there - Dr U Fantasy Football Guru doesn't disappoint in 2009 NFL Team Needs - Denver Broncos. Surf around for other team needs in the series.
  • The words "draft" and "spreadsheet" together in the same sentence are just so tantalizing - the Fifth Down's Draft Spreadsheet Hits Sweet Spot links to ESPN's mock draft spreadsheet that really is a pretty impressive beast.
  • Scope out Talented Mr. Roto's last Top 200 ranking before this weekend's draft - keep in mind that there aren't any rookies in this ranking; they'll be added post-draft. I'm intrigued by where the QBs are landing - I guess most of all I'm interested in Peyton's placement at 30th overall followed immediately by Aaron Rodgers. Don't get me wrong, I believe in Rodgers as a top 5 QB, I guess I just believe in Peyton significantly more.
  • Finally, for the fantasy bent on Tony Gonzalez's trade to the Falcons, see Pancake Blocks' Gonzo dealt to the Falcons.
Enjoy the draft this weekend and get ready for a slew of post-draft fantasy updates!

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