Monday, April 20, 2009

Draft Day is T minus 5

Reasons to love Colorado are plenty but one of the reasons I truly love this state is the weather here - I know, not another weather intro to this football blog, right? I can't help it! So on Friday and Saturday, a steady cold rain came down for about 48 hours straight here in Boulder with the occasional snow burst to break things up (meanwhile a town about 30 minutes away got 56 inches of snow this weekend - no joke)...but as is the case here in Colorado, the weather did a 180 in less than 24 hours and yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny 70 degree day. And I'm rocking a surprisingly strong sunburn on my face to prove it. The nice weather is lingering for the rest of the week, which makes me think the attendance at today's 4/20 celebration on the quad outside the library could get rather crowded - last year's attendance reached 10,000. Could make for an interesting afternoon around these parts.

Onto today's football links...

  • Gotta love an article that looks at fantasy football draft strategy, particularly one like the's Top 50 RBs vs WRs that weighs grabbing an RB, a WR or a QB in the first few rounds of your draft.
  • Did the Jay Cutler disaster teach young QBs everywhere, such as Vince Young, to just stay quiet and roll with the punches?
  • Philly added LT Jason Peters to their squad this weekend and I for one am really excited about the impressive o-line the Eagles are building. They already had a powerful offensive line last season but with some key offseason moves, they're really creating a monstrous o-line that will benefit McNabb and Westbrook.
  • Football Jabber promises big things in May once the NFL Draft is over and fantasy football prep begins in full swing. I, for one, can't wait.
  • If you enjoy a good mock draft, see how the Pancake Blocks mock draft is progressing - as of this morning they are at the 19th overall pick. If you're not into the mock draft bit and like getting your football news via video, take a look at Rotoworld's 3 & Out thoughts on what Detroit should do with that top pick and which players are overrated.
  • Finally, a quick overview of what each team needs to angle for in this year's draft in the Fifth Down's Draft Needs, Team by Team. And by the way, it's not easy to sum up an entire team's needs in just 2-3 sentences. Call me impressed.

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